Worms Directors Cut - Challenge mode?

For Boggy B and his mates. If they existed, of course.

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Worms Directors Cut - Challenge mode?

Post by SQuark » Mon Apr 03, 2006 8:45 pm

First of all: great site, you guys!

And thanks to you, I finally get a chance to check out Worms Directors Cut. :D But am I just really thick, or are there no single player missions in Worms DC?

Also, would someone be willing to send me the files in Worms Armageddon's "data\mission" directory? My back-up copy looks borked. :(

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Post by Squirminator2k » Tue Apr 04, 2006 9:58 am

Welcome to the site, SQuark! Flattery will, of course, get you everywhere here :)

WormsDC didn't include Single Player missions unfortunately. Andy Davidson has always seen Worms as a social game (Worms is arguably the first Party Game ever designed) and it would be against his hypothetical "Mission Statement" to include a fairly bulky Single Player Mission mode. I never liked the Missions in Worms anyway.

Also, we can't unfortunately send you those files, as they're part of a game that's still on sale. We're not allowed to distribute anything that's still being published. If you've got a back-up copy, surely you still have your originals, and can get the files off of that...?
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