Editing W4M scripts : How to spawn a crate ?

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Editing W4M scripts : How to spawn a crate ?

Post by _Kilburn » Sun Oct 01, 2006 7:33 pm

Hi, i'm almost sure that nobody will answer my question but... I'm trying to make some funny game modes by modifying stdvs.lua (I have some knowledges about Lua). And I made a simple function that spawns a crate at a random position:

Code: Select all

function lib_QuickSpawnCrate(CrateContainerData)
    SetData("Crate.Type", CrateContainerData.Type)
    SetData("Crate.Contents", CrateContainerData.Contents)
    SetData("Crate.NumContents", CrateContainerData.NumContents)
    SetData("Crate.Index", CrateContainerData.Index)
    SetData("Crate.LifetimeSec", CrateContainerData.LifetimeSec)
    SetData("Crate.GroundSnap", CrateContainerData.GroundSnap)
    SetData("Crate.Parachute", CrateContainerData.Parachute)
    SetData("Crate.Spawn", CrateContainerData.Spawn)
    SetData("Crate.FallSpeed", CrateContainerData.FallSpeed)
    SetData("Crate.Gravity", CrateContainerData.Gravity)
    SetData("Crate.TeamDestructible", CrateContainerData.TeamDestructible)
    SetData("Crate.TeamCollectable", CrateContainerData.TeamCollectable)
    SetData("Crate.UXB", CrateContainerData.UXB)
    SetData("Crate.Hitpoints", CrateContainerData.Hitpoints)
    SetData("Crate.Pushable", CrateContainerData.Pushable)
    SetData("Crate.RandomSpawnPos", CrateContainerData.RandomSpawnPos)
    SetData("Crate.CanDropFromChute", CrateContainerData.CanDropFromChute)
    SetData("Crate.WaitTillLanded", CrateContainerData.WaitTillLanded)
    SetData("Crate.TrackCam", CrateContainerData.TrackCam)
    SetData("Crate.Scale", CrateContainerData.Scale)
    SetData("Crate.AddToWormInventory", CrateContainerData.AddToWormInventory)
    SetData("Crate.CustomGraphic", CrateContainerData.CustomGraphic)
But how can I spawn a crate at a wanted position? I found a Crate.ExplicitSpawnPos property in Local.xml, but it is a VectorResource, so I can't modifiy it, neither with SetData, nor with EditContainer.
GetData("Crate.ExplicitSpawnPos") and QueryContainer("Crate.ExplicitSpawnPos") return nil. (nil is a Lua value which means NULL)
I dumped all variables with "for key,value in pairs(getfenv()) do ... end" and i don't see any function with "Vector" in its name.

And i would like the same thing for creating particle emitters, explosions and triggers.

If someone answers to my question, it would be extraordinary...

(sorry I'm so lazy, I just copy/paste from my post on Team17 forum)

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Post by AndrewTaylor » Sun Oct 15, 2006 5:37 pm

Do you think you could make a databank xml and import that?

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Post by K^2 » Sun Oct 15, 2006 7:43 pm

I know there are some entities in the map files that can be used to point to various camera and spawn locations. I'm not sure if that's how crate spawns work, though.

Edit: If you know a map where the crate spawns at a certain location, I might be able to disect it.
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