Potential Superfrog Fan-Remake

Whatever you're working on - be it Art, Music, a Fan-Game or a program for use with existing Team17 games - we want to hear about it.

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Potential Superfrog Fan-Remake

Post by Moxy » Thu Dec 07, 2006 11:35 am

Hey, since nobody replied to my thread about the Superfrog monsters, I thought I'd show a couple of screenshots of the project thus far.

I'm not personally going to be making a Superfrog fan clone - I'm temporarily using the tiles and maps hosted on Dream17 to build an initial version of the tech for the original IP game that I'm going to be working on. In the next few weeks, I'll replace all the Superfrog art in my project with my own art.

The current status of the game is: all the functionality of the forest world has been implemented (aside from monsters), and forest1-1 map is pretty much complete.

I'm offering to build the tech required to build a complete fan remake of Superfrog, if anybody on the forums wants to take the reigns in building levels for it. Even better - if there are any artists on the forum who can create high quality animated graphics, we could build a completely new game, and ditch the Team17 IP altogether. I'm happy either way, or both ways.

The game is coded in C# and uses DirectX9. It will run on old hardware (earliest card I tested it on is a GF4 Ti4200), and is not graphically intensive.

Forest1-1 is pretty much complete. Zooming in: objects, and coins can be picked up, springs can be bounced upon, holding jump extends the jump, slopes are smooth, physics has been implemented, if you're using a USB joystick/gamepad you can use that as well as playing by keyboard.

There are a few more aesthetic things I am yet to add - i.e. setting the angle of the frog feet when he's standing on a gradient cell, etc - these things will be simple to extend to, I'm just putting them off in case I need to make any drastic architectural changes to the code.

At the moment, testing is limited to a few select friends. I'll have a public test version available in a few days.




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Post by Squirminator2k » Fri Dec 08, 2006 11:59 am

It's all looking very good and very, very promising so far.
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