Steam "Superfrog HD" Assets File Contains Amiga Assets

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Steam "Superfrog HD" Assets File Contains Amiga Assets

Post by Dark_Ronius » Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:36 pm

Hi all

Despite hugely regretting my purchase of Superfrog HD, I was a sucker for buying it again during Humble Bundle's Team 17 Bundle last year. I decided to install it today, and for the hell of it poked around to see if there was anything I could extract from the game.

It was pretty easy. There was a file called

It contained files such as this


It also contains the entire original soundtrack (apart from the original intro music) in a folder, surprisingly, named "Music".

I'm gonna attempt some simple swaps to see whether I can hack Superfrog HD back to something more like its original form. I was shocked such a finding wasn't made by someone smarter than me, but then remembered Superfrog isn't exactly a triple-A in the eyes of the gaming community nowadays. This was the only place that even mentioned it in the last 5 years, so it seemed fitting to post it here... Maybe someone else had already found all of this before me and I'm just crap at looking!


*A soundtrack swap is super easy, simply remove "Orig" from the beginning of the file name! (remember to delete the .ogg file it is replacing first)

*There is already a script for the original Superfrog sprite, however swapping the files causes the game to crash after the intro movie. I'm wondering if there is a switch or function in the script to activate it? There is clearly already some work and effort to get the animation working right.

*The character settings file even has the physics settings and the values of the original Amiga physics in the comments for each value, haven't tried it yet

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Re: Steam "Superfrog HD" Assets File Contains Amiga Assets

Post by Pooka » Mon May 01, 2017 2:49 pm


In any case, that's fascinating. The Superfrog sprite used in-game is a lot more lengthy and stringy than those images you've found there, which look a lot like a sprite-set for the original Amiga or PC version.

Except it isn't. It's an updated version of the original sprite-set, used in some artwork throughout the game, like this promo image and the portrait of SF here. Why they included so many images is a mystery - maybe they were intending to use them as the original sprite, rather than the ill-advised version they ended up using? Seems like a waste of time, to recreate the original things using new technology and then not use them...

The original music by Allister Brimble is used in the unlockable retro levels, though, so that's probably why that's there!
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