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March 2004

Okay... so I lied
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 30/03/04 3:04pm CEST

When I said I was hoping to get more downloads up, I was being honest. Unfortunately time constraints and a family dilemma conspired to crush my mortal soul. I'll try to get something up tonight. My sincere apologies.

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Downloads on the Way
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 29/03/04 10:54am CEST

This evening I should be getting a few more Softography+ downloads up and running for you so those of you who are legally emulating Amigas will be able to experience even more Team17 games out there Wink

Incidentally I will be setting up "Amiga Emulation FAQ" at some point as since the site when live I've had literally twos of emails from people asking me why WormsDC slows down when there's an explosion. Expect that in the next couple of weeks.

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Posted in Archived by Pooka at 22/03/04 8:08pm CET

My historic first post... anyway, I'm working on an article about Team17's incompetence. Just as a sort of backlash, you know. I was going to have it finished today, which is why I'm posting, but it's not actually done yet, so you should have it by the end of the week.

So if anyone has anything to say on the subject... shoot me an e-mail quick and I'll interpret what you say into the article.

[Edit by S-2k] Isn't "incompetence" a bit of a strong word...? Meh, maybe that's just my personal opinion.

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Comments & Suggestions?
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 22/03/04 5:02pm CET

If you have any suggestions for the website you can either email them to me or you can now post your comments on this thread on the Team17 Forum. All comments and suggestions are appriciated (as well as spelling suggestions of course)!

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Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 21/03/04 2:14pm CET

A couple of errors have been brought to my attention - nothing serious, just a couple of pieces of missing content and some graphical differences, such as missing mouseover effects on some buttons. This will be fixed eventually. Remember, the site's still not finished but I am working on it (although not today - it's Mother's Day!).

If you notice any big problems, such as Broken or mis-directed Links, please let me know.

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Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 20/03/04 1:02pm CET

Dream17 is up and running! A couple of hours behind shedule, but apologies for that. As a few of you are aware, the site isn't 100% completed so you'll have to bear with us as we try to get the Softography+ finished as well as a few other sections of the site, etc. etc. blah blah blah.

Have a good look around the site as I'm sure there's a few bits and pieces there that you didn't expect to see Wink

[Edit by Pooka] Schedule. Not shedule. Just so you know.

[Edit by S-2k] Yeah, I noticed. Just too lazy to edit.

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