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May 2004

Yet more minor tweaks...
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 28/05/04 4:44pm CEST

Of all the heathens imaginable... Pooka doing an update!

Yes, well, I've always wanted to say that.

Anyway, yes. I've pointed out some stuff to S-2K which he didn't know about (he's not perfect you know, even if it seems that way!), and so the Softography+ page for P.I.G. has been tweaked a little. As has the Worms Armageddon page, to add a little bit about the Amiga version.

We've also received our first ever PayPal donation. Go Dream17!

Oh, and just a little something which I also announced on my SF website today: have acquired the legal rights to distribute SuperFrog, Project-X and Full Contact ADFs. Of course, they're all available here anyway, but it's nice to know that Team17 care about their older games.

[Edit by S-2k] Additionally, we've recieved two pieces of FanArt!

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Minor Tweaks and Updates
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 28/05/04 2:30pm CEST

I've rejiggled the Softography+ and added a couple of unexpected updates. Firstly, I've removed some of the horizontal lines seperating some of the games, which were getting a little tedious to say the least. The only horizontal lines on the site now are seperating the Main games from the Budget games, and the Budget games from the various types of Bundle Pack. Etcetera.

Next up we've got two new games added to the Softography+ complete with ADFs - Kingpin, the link for which has been broken since the site launched until now, and Miami Chase, a game which pre-dates Full Contact! An interesting find, too.

I do still intend to re-organise the Softography+ to make it a little nicer-looking, but for now it's fine as it is. We'll wait until the Softography+ is actually finished before I start moving things around and confusing everyone - myself included! I think I will be taking a break this weekend to catch up on my jobhunting and mainly relaxing. I've earnt it!

Oh, and I made a minor tweak to the Dream17 logo up there, making it more defined, giving it a drop-shadow and realligning the "The Team17 Fansite" text to the bottom-right of the logo.

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Worms3D Released for Mac
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 28/05/04 1:17pm CEST

The Mac version of Worms3D is now available. You can buy it from Feral Interactive's Website. There's also a bundle pack containing Worms Blast and Worms3D available.

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Even more Softography+ Updates
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 27/05/04 7:35pm CEST

I've just added information for Alien Breed Action, P.I.G (a.k.a "Pig Detective"), Full Contact, Ultimate Body Blows and SF2, and possibly another one that I've since forgotten. In any case, they're all up now. This means that the Softography+ is now approximately 80% complete! I've also stuck up ADF Disk Images for Full Contact, so feel free to try this classic beat 'em up for yourself.

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Softography+... Softer Gravy... Soft... Yoghurt...
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 25/05/04 2:45pm CEST

It's been Softography+ Crazy today, with me working on more information for you guys out there. Today I added information for:


Assassin Special Edition

Body Blows

And I also added 3 new titles to the Softography+ that I have yet to write info for:

Alien Breed Action [Unreleased]

P.I.G [Unreleased]


I'll have info for these games - and the rest of the Softography+ - completed soon. Oh, and I managed to get hold of the Disk Images of ATR at last.

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New Softography+ Update
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 25/05/04 12:55pm CEST

I have finally added an update to the Softography+ for Assassin, my least favourite Team17 title. I guess I should do the Special Edition now, then. Yes, this does mean I am working on the Softography+ again and hope to have it complete by July.

In other news, I have added yet another new section - the Fansites of Excellence section. You'll find it in the Links page.

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New Links
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 24/05/04 4:33pm CEST

Wow, it's an Update Frenzy today. I added a new section to the Links page for Amiga-specific sites such as AmiNET, Amiga Forever, and a couple of other sites that have been really helpful during the research stage of developing this website. Check it out!

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Amiga, and also Donations
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 24/05/04 12:49pm CEST

Someone in the Team17 Forum shocked me the other day by saying they didn't know what an Amiga was. Once I had finished picking up the shattered remains of my childhood from the kitchen floor I proceeded to get to work on a new section in the Goodies > Images section of the site. There is now a page containing images of every one of the official Amiga units, excluding the Escom version of the A4000T and, of course, any Clones that were developed.

Additionally I have now added a PayPal Donate button to the top of this page only (being the Main Page of the site). I'm not holding the site hostage to PayPal donations however... well, it would be nice. I will try to work out some kind of Special "Prize" or something to people who donate through PayPal. Support the web's only Team17 fansite by giving us a few of your spare pennies! Or something!

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Ask SuperFrog Update
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 24/05/04 9:31am CEST

SuperFrog has very kindly answered two questions submitted to him. You can check them out if you want. Or not. I recommend you do.

In other news I have discovered that the version of Alien Breed 3D I currently have online isn't working properly with most Amiga emulators (specifically WinUAE, which is part of the Amiga Forever Pack that I'm always ranting and raving about) so I will attempt to find an alternate version for you. I did find a Hard Drive installed version but I don't think that will be much use to people who don't have the Amiga Forever pack or who don't know how to set up a Hard Drive from within WinUAE. The most probably alternative at the moment is that I will replace that particular set of .ADF files with files from the CAPS Project. The only problem is that they will be protected by Team17's traditional Copy Protection (i.e. the "black text on black book" approach) but I believe there is something on AmiNET, authorised by Team17, that will allow me to circumvent this copy protection. Meaning that
the CAPS files I'll end up with won't techincally be part of the CAPS project at all. So... er... yes. I'll keep you guys up to date.

But we do now have SuperFrog up for download. Which is nice.


It turns out that the version of Alien Breed 3D I have is fine. There is something about the latest version of WinUAE that is causing the problem. If you are using Amiga Forever straight out fo the box or have not updated to the latest version of WinUAE yet (with the snazzy new GUI) it should still work.

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Ask SuperFrog Launches!
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 21/05/04 3:17pm CEST

That's right, our new "Mailbag" feature, Ask SuperFrog, has launched and is being handled by the newest addition to our Staff, Worm Mad! Worm Mad has also written an article for us which explores why Team17 have managed to survive all of these years while other developers of the Amiga age have sunk into obscurity.

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Alien Breed 2004 Pushed Back
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 21/05/04 2:12pm CEST

Martyn Brown had emailed me to let me know that the next installment in the Alien Breed series "won't get released
this year" as they have yet to get a publisher for the title. Here's hoping it doesn't get the chop altogether.

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Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 20/05/04 12:25pm CEST

If you take a look at the Softography+ you will notice lots of and symbols next to games for which Amiga versions were released. These icons represent the ADF Files for these games. A lit icon indicates that the ADF is up and available to download whereas a darkened icon incidates that we don't have the ADF yet but are working on getting it online for you to download. You can even download the ADFs right away by clicking on lit icons! Aren't we nice?

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AVIs on the Way (Edit :: And more ADFs, too!)
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 17/05/04 3:08pm CEST

I happen to know that the majority of the community over at the Team17 Forum are there purely because of the Worms series and a lot of you haven't so much as seen some of their earlier work. Well, promoting their earlier work is one of the goals of this website and I intend to get AVI files of some of their older games up for people who may not be able to emulate Amigas or for those who simply can't be bothered to go through the process of emulating.

:: a d d i t i o n a l ::

The site has been live almost two months and, to celebrate, I'm working on getting even more ADFs up for you to download!

PermalinkView comments (0) Launched
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 12/05/04 1:46pm CEST

Team17 have launched the official Worms Forts: Under Siege website, which you can have a peekeroonie at by clicking here. I'll add this link to the Links Page shortly.

[Edit by S-2k] The link has been added, and a Softography+ Page has been set up.

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Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 11/05/04 11:37am CEST

Recently FW, one of the staff over at the currently closed WorMatriX, had an accident in his home resulting in part of it being lost to a fire. Thankfully he and his family are alright and both Pooka and I wish him the best for what is proving to be quite a horrid year for him so far. Hopefully you're out of the woods now, eh Ev?

Work on the site has been delayed somewhat by the recent re-launch of my webcomic (as well as certain family members hiding my copy of Phoenix for No Apparent Reason) but I do intend to get as much work done on the site as I can. As my friends and family know I recently lost my job. I've devoted a little time to working on both sites beind the scenes but primarily my time is spent either looking for work or spending as much time as I can with my girlfriend.

In Team17-related news, I have a friend going to E3 this year so I will ensure that he snags some shots of the Worms Forts: Under Seige booth/table/thing while he's there.

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