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November 2004

Europe fans unite!
Posted in Archived by FatWhitey at 20/11/04 1:08am CET

Worms Forts has been officially released in Europe

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Softography+ Rejiggling
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 08/11/04 8:56am CET

Just so you know, the new version of the Softography+ will now be condensed to a Drop-Down Menu. I personally feel that this makes it a lot easier to access the gmaes on the listing. They have also been rearranged into release order, or at least a release order that is about as accurate as I can get for the time being - at the very least everything up to "Worms: The Directors Cut" is in the right place, which is a start.

If all goes well the new version of the Softography+ will be going live this Saturday.

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Worms World Party for Nokia N-Gage release date
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 04/11/04 8:21am CET

Nokia have announced that Worms World Party (formerly "Worms for the Nokia N-Gage") will be released this coming January alongside other titles such as Pathway To Glory, Colin Mcrae Rally 2005, and Pocket Kingdom. WWP N-Gage has been developed by Paragon 5 and is being published by THQ Wireless, creators of Worms for Java-Enabled Mobile Phones.

Have a look at the official game website here.

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