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January 2006

Super-Lizzy's Gone!
Posted in Archived by Pooka at 23/01/06 12:02pm CET

Just a quick note.

The Super-Lizzy project, which was being worked on by a company named RealSpawn, has been pulled (indeed, all of RealSpawn appears to have vanished into the ether). That means no Mario 64-esque Superfrog fan-game any more.

I've put the old screenshots up on my website, but the link on the Dream17 page now won't get you anywhere. Sorry!

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Lemmings Official Homepage
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 20/01/06 10:51pm CET

I've known about this site for a good week or so now, but I've finally added the Lemmings PSP Official Website link to our Links page.

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More PSP tastiness for you all.
Posted in Archived by Cyclaws at 20/01/06 10:20pm CET

Team17 have kindly put together 15 screenshots for the PSP version. I'm not sure if they are new, but they're all in one place, which is rather nice.

Check them out here.

EDIT: There will also be a PSP demo for the game! More news when it's avaliable.

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DS Worms: Open Warfare in-game footage!
Posted in Archived by Cyclaws at 13/01/06 10:04pm CET

IGN have released four videos showing various moves being made in the DS versions of Worms: Open Warfare. This is a pre-gold release, so the end result should be even better!

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Lemmings section updated
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 12/01/06 6:54pm CET

I've added a Lemmings PSP section to the Softography+, and while I was at it a fixed a couple of other glitches. In addition to which, check out our lovely Logobar to celebrate the ever-impending release of the game and... what's this? Really cool level development screenshots? Wow! Check them out!

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Worms: Open Warfar official release date
Posted in Archived by Cyclaws at 09/01/06 7:04pm CET

It has been officially released by Team17 that both versions of Worms: Open Warfare will be released on 24th March.

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Dream17 IRC Chatroom Launched!
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 09/01/06 6:40pm CET

Dream17 now has its own swanky chatroom. You can access it via this link, although you do need to be a registered member of the forum to gain initial access.

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PSP Worms: Open Warfare IGN preview
Posted in Archived by Cyclaws at 04/01/06 10:46pm CET

Here you go.

A nice little preview, plus some new screenshots.

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Worms: Open Warfare Release Date change
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 03/01/06 5:46pm CET

The DS and PSP versions were originally slated to be a month apart, however both versions will be released simultaneously in the UK on 17th March 2006.

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What would you guys say to a Dream17 Chatroom?
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 03/01/06 1:01pm CET

Discuss it here.

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