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September 2006

SuperFrog maps available
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 30/09/06 8:02pm CEST

We now have full maps available to view for Superfrog - full PNG image versions of every level from the game. Snazzy, eh? You can view them at the bottom of this page.

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Map Makers required
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 21/09/06 12:28pm CEST

No, not for a new game. Dream17 hasn't branched out to game design yet, and even if we had I expect we'd have to use a different name.

We're looking for people willing to put in the time and effort to produce screenshot-maps of levels from various Team17 games. You may have seen something like this in old gaming magazines - maps made up entirely of screenshots from the game, ideally not including the players' characters or any HUD elements.

We're looking for screenshot-maps for most of Team17's Amiga titles, but our priorities are SuperFrog and every 2D game in the Alien Breed series.

If you're interested in helping out, drop us a line.

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Martyn Brown Nordic comments on
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 20/09/06 6:04pm CEST

At the Nordic Game Event in Malmö, Sweden, Martyn Brown spoke of Team17's connections to the Nordic area. You can read his comments here.

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Softography+ Comments glitch
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 15/09/06 11:44am CEST

We've just discovered that the Comments form on Softography+ entries isn't quite working properly, and is instead putting the comments onto the News pages instead. It would've been nice if we'd been emailed about this particular glitch when it first occured, but we've caught it now and we're hopign to fix it later today.

Edit by SupSuper: Fixed.

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Worms Audio Tracks
Posted in Archived by SupSuper at 11/09/06 10:56pm CEST

Since people complain every once in a while that Dream17 doesn't have the soundtrack of every single Worms game, S2k put up the Worms 2/Addiction Pinball soundtrack, and I grabbed a few from some other games, so we don't have every track, but we have every game.

If you have tracks from any Team17 games that we don't, feel free to e-mail them to me.

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Qwak website launched
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 08/09/06 9:07am CEST

Jamie woodhouse has launched a Qwak website to promote the GameBoy Advance version. You can also download a 6-level demo ROM for use with a GameBoy Advance emulator.

According to the site, Qwak is due for a limited release of only 300 copies, which means it won't be available in stores but it does mean you'll be able to play Qwak on your GBA for the first. I will, of course, be making sure I get a copy. Head over to the Qwak website to register your interest.

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Team17 updates from Martyn
Posted in Archived by Cyclaws at 02/09/06 4:31pm CEST

In a post on the Team17 Forums Martyn says that Team17 are working on making games for all next generation systems (barring the Nintendo Wii for the time being), as well as one for the PC and DS/PSP.

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RealVG launched
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 01/09/06 1:45pm CEST

Ladies and gentlemen, RealVG is now live. Very Happy or Laughing

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