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March 2007

Heart Internet strikes again
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 29/03/07 7:03pm CEST

Our hosts, Heart Internet, have once again asked us to remove files that are receiving a large amount of traffic - specifically, the demo of Worms 3D and the Worms Armageddon 1.00 to 3.00 Patch. Dream17 has been proud to offer you files such as these for the past three years, and Heart's rather incredulous bandwidth policy is getting beyond a joke now.

Heart Internet advertise unlimited bandwidth. However tucked away in their Customer Service Agreement is a clause which states that any website receiving an excessive amount of bandwidth will be taken offline until high-traffic files are removed. To aid in this there is an upper file limit of 50MB, which we were able to circumvent thanks to Heart's own Tech Support, however they don't offer any anti-hotlinking tools, as our previous hosts did.

While the webspace was purchased through my friend Adam's reseller account, even he did not know about this rather unintelligent policy. I ask Dream17 readers to contact Heart Internet and register your disappointment. We are being consistantly forced to remove popular files because they falsely represented themselves as having "unlimited bandwidth" which is quite obviously not the case.

Unfortunately Dream17 cannot afford to move hosting companies once again. We've had a fantastic offer which would allow us to host our entire website and all of the files on a super-fast server, however the cost of this is £80 per year, which we can't afford. Once again, I find myself in the difficult situation of asking you, our fantastic readers, to consider donating to Dream17 using the PayPal button on the left hand menu. If you'd rather spend your money on something physical I'd suggest buying a tee-shirt from our Spreadshirt Store, although I'd advise against buying the Dream17 logo'd tee-shirts at the moment as they are not of a particularly high-quality and the logo won't last very long.

I can only apologise to our readers for taking up hosting with Heart. I, the Dream17 Staff, and even my friend Adam are all exceedingly disappointed with what has happened and with how badly we have been treated by Heart Internet. The sooner we can raise the funds, the sooner we can move to a better, faster, sleeker server with no down-time and no fuss.

Thanks for your support.

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Andy Davidson "ibar" to launch on April 5th
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Squirminator2k at 25/03/07 2:15pm CEST

I received an email from Andy Davidson yesterday afternoon that contained a link to a website: If you click the cursor on the website - the flashing black block - you will be taken to the ibar's MySpace profile where you will learn about what ibar is.

The MySpace page boasts that ibar is "Bournemouth's cutting-edge, independent bar and club" and goes on to explain why. It looks very exciting, and we wish Andy good luck with this rather snazzy venture he's embarked on.

A link to the ibar website will be added to our Links page shortly.

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Worms XBLA update
Posted in Worms by Cyclaws at 22/03/07 5:43pm CET

Spadge has this to say about the progress of an update for Worms on XBLA:

"I'd just like to say that most of the issues reported so far have already been fixed and are currently being tested prior to resubmission of our update code. We'll need for that to be tested and recertified before it goes live. I'll update again when we have timings on that.

The 4player lobby issue (5th player joining causing host lock and other player problems), a few minor leaderboard things, the rope weapon stuff, the jetpac fall damage, etc are all sorted out.

Additionally, the AI has been sorted out, it now takes 1-2 secs max for the AI to think. (our apologies for that). As a result, the challenges can be completed much faster. Also, we stopped the AI doing those crazy, unnervingly accurate grenade shots too...

We're currently not sure if this means the leaderboards will reset or not, I'd probably propose that they're left alone since the times can be beaten (and not the other way). The bizarre issue that leads to times of zero will be fixed, obviously Smile

The first DLC is around the corner with a total of 6-7 new visual themes coming through the spring/summer... so look out for that. 30+ voice sets are on the way too.

Keep on wormin'"

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Commodore Returns!
Posted in Retrogaming by Squirminator2k at 16/03/07 10:50pm CET

The Commodore brand is being revived. The new company, called Commodore Gaming, is a manufacturer of high-spec gaming PCs which are due to start selling in April for prices between £1,000-5,000 (or $1,900-9,500). The company aren't just selling "black and beige" PCs - customers will be able to choose one of over 100 case designs, and Commodore hope to make customising your own design a possibility in the future.

This is wonderful news, and I will confess there is a sort of perverse pleasure in the possibility of running Amiga Forever on a Commodore-branded PC.

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Worms on a Budget, and XBLA performance
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 14/03/07 8:09pm CET

As you may well know, UK retailers GAME have a variety of special offers for their budget PC titles. One of these offers is "Two for £15 (or £9.99 each)", and Worms 4: Mayhem has recently been placed in this offer. This means that you can stroll into GAME and pick up Worms 2, Worms Armageddon, Worms World Party, Worms 3D and Worms 4: Mayhem for £20. Assuming Worms Forts: Under Siege is also in the "2 for £15" offer, you could pick up all six games for £25, which is not a bad price.

Meanwhile, Worms XBLA has been available for over a week now and remains one of the most played games available on Xbox Live Arcade, despite some problems with online play. The game seems to be receiving almost unanimous praise from the Live Arcade community, although there have been stirring from the minor but very vocal "OLOLOL MORE WEAPONS KTHNXBAI" crowd over on the official Team 17 Forum. Most people are more disappointed with the limited amount of music, speechbanks and terrain styles than with the "classic" weapon set. Martyn Brown has confirmed that there is downloadable content on the way for Worms XBLA, including Gamer pictures and Dashboard themes. No word on additional weapons, but then most of the people I've played the game with have said they actually prefer the limited weapon set, as it makes the game more challenging.

There's also a bit of a brouhaha on the Team 17 Forum about whether or not Team 17 should be allowed to charge for additional content for the game. I've said in the past that I wouldn't mind paying minimal fees for some of the additional content, for example 20-50 points (less than 50p) for speechbank packs, 50-80 points (less than £1) for terrain style packs, however the ball is ultimately in Microsoft's court with regards to the charges. I would prefer that additional music is free, mind - Team 17 used a piece of music from Worms Armageddon and it is unfortunately one of the more annoying tracks. It's times like these that I'm glad I have the Worms 2 Soundtrack on CD - I can rip it to the 360 and simply have that playing in the background instead.

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Worms XBLA released
Posted in Worms by SupSuper at 07/03/07 3:43pm CET

Keep a spare set of pants at hand.

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Worms XBLA release date!
Posted in Worms by Cyclaws at 02/03/07 12:32pm CET

The release date for Worms XBLA is the 7th March. That's this coming Wednesday.

It'll cost you 800 points, which is roughly £7.

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