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July 2007

Dream17 on Facebook
Posted in Site Content by Squirminator2k at 31/07/07 5:21am CEST

Dream17 now has a Facebook group. Do feel free to pop by and... well, pop by. Add yourself too, if you like.

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Email working again
Posted in Dream17 by at 12/07/07 8:16pm CEST

Evening, ladies and gentlemen.

As you've read, there seems to have been a problem with our email service quite recently. It seems to have started working again tonight, so if you've already sent Ben or Bonz an email in the last few days, please do so again. For the time being, say, a month or so, you may wish to put me[at] in your CC field. If you're using a contact form on the web site, send your email separately as well, using your normal mail service.

Thanks a lot for your patience. I know there have been a few issues lately, but I also know you appreciate the problems that can arise when a service migration takes place. Thankfully, the bandwidth situation is well under control, thanks to Dan's work in the background.

Everything is fine here. Continue about your day.

Cheers Smile

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Email down
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 12/07/07 12:33am CEST

Our email server appears to be under siege by gremlins at the moment, so neither Bonz or myself are receiving emails that are being sent to our [at] accounts. If you need to contact us, either send a PM on the forum or try to contact us via alternate methods.

Apologies for any inconvenience this probably isn't causing anyone.

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Downloads restored
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 10/07/07 6:12pm CEST

Alright, the downloads have been restored. However, we've taken measures to ensure that yesterday's events don't repeat themselves. We've cut off all direct links and hotlinking to prevent any unforseen leeching, and we'll now be monitoring closely all the transfers on the site.

For now we'll keep the downloads unrestricted for analysis, but as soon as we find out our high-demand files, we'll be limiting or removing them altogether to ensure the rest of the site can still be used, at least until we can find a server that can handle it all.

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The future of Dream17
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 10/07/07 2:45am CEST

Wow. 120GB of data transfer in a day. That's big. That's bloody big. Mostly it's caused by our "mirror" links from Team 17 websites - something I've now politely asked that the company remove from their websites for the time being - but there's probably some file-leeching going on too. I know for a fact that some of our images are being leeched by an Italian filesharing website. That annoys me to no end.

I had a bit of a crisis when SupSuper informed me that the downloads had been taken down again. I had perhaps deluded myself into thinking that demand for our files wasn't that high, or perhaps I was convinced that Dream17 isn't as popular as it actually is. But the high demand for files is, frankly, insane. I began to question whether or not Dream17 was worth continuing, whether or not I could afford to keep the website alive when it generates no profit at all. I began to consider closing it down.

But, as my Stepmom pointed out earlier, there is something is does generate for me - pride. Enjoyment. Happiness. I've loved every moment I've spent working on Dream17 these page three and a half years. There's something to be said for being responsible for keeping these old games alive and available for new generations. Dream17 is probably one of my proudest achievements, and it's expanded from something I was working on myself to a joint effort between so many people across the world. It's astounding. It is, against all odds, popular.

And it's worth keeping alive.

Earlier in the year, I was offered hosting on a bloody slick high-speed server. It's expensive, but it would theoretically be enough to keep the website alive. I'm now trying to get back in touch with the friend who made the offer to see if it's still on the table. It's not cheap though.

I have previously, in similar circumstances, found myself asking, urging, pleading visitors to click on the PayPal donate button to the left-hand side. I'd be very appreciative if you would consider doing this again, but this time I'm not begging. I will remind you that the button is there, but I'm not going to push the matter. I will do what I can to keep the website alive and if you wish to be a part of that then by all means I will accept whatever little you decide to donate. But I'm not going to hold the website ransom. If we can get the downloads up sooner rather than later we will, and once I have enough money - be it from my own pocket or otherwise - I will be moving to a better server with a higher bandwidth allocation.

I can only apologise for the constant buggering about. If we can get this sorted, we will. If I can pay for a server with higher bandwidth, I will. I'll not let this site die if I can help it. Just you watch.

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Downloads taken offline... again
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 09/07/07 6:36pm CEST

Evening, ladies and gents,

As you can see from the news below, we've managed to find a replacement host. Unfortunately, due to what we think is direct linking to our downloads, we're close to maxing our transfer allowance for today! It currently stands at about 116GB. As you'll agree, that's a hell of a lot. So because of this, we have temporarily disabled our downloads to prevent our service being disabled.

Our web content is still online, which many of you (hopefully) will realise is the most important thing. We'll be looking at ways to reduce server load whilst still offering a convenient service to our visitors.

Thanks for your patience.

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New server!
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 09/07/07 2:22am CEST

Yet again, we've moved to a new server. This is fantastic news for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it means we are once again able to make our CD32 ISOs available. Secondly, it means that high demand for files won't get us shut down, and thirdly, the site seems to be running faster. Which is very much a good thing.

So rejoice! Or something.

Edit: My [at] email address is currently out of commission until I get it set up again, which should be by the end of Monday, so for now don't email me because odds are I won't get it.

[Edit by SupSuper] E-mails are now working. Also, the forum's been upgraded to RC3.

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WA BETA update now up for download from Dream17
Posted in Site Content by Squirminator2k at 02/07/07 6:11pm CEST

You can now download the WA BETA update from this very website. You can download it here.

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