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August 2007

WOW2 US Release Date Pushed Back - UPDATED
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 31/08/07 8:59pm CEST

According to, the American release of both the DS and PSP versions of Worms Open Warfare 2 has been pushed back to September 18th. This has obviously not impacted the UK release, which is today. You lucky people.

Updated: Sept 1st 2007 [at] 8:34pm BST
A number of other US online retailers are still listing the release date as December 6th, and a GameStop employee has given a date of September 5th although I have little faith in GameStop to give anyone any kind of accurate information about anything ever. I'll keep you updated.

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THQ announce Worms: A Space Oddity
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 31/08/07 5:04am CEST

Earlier during the day (the day in question being Thursday), THQ announced that Team17 were in the midsts of developing Worms: A Space Oddity, a Wii-exclusive Worms title. We've added a Softography+ entry for it, and obviously we'll continue to update you as we get information from both Team17 and THQ.

In addition IGN have some spectular videos of Worms Open Warfare 2 DS in action that you might want to check out by clicking here. From what I can see, it definitely looks better than WOW1 did for the DS, and it seems to outperform the PSP version in terms of physics...

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Worms Open Warfare 2 UK Commercial
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 20/08/07 4:35pm CEST

You've gotta love Martyn Brown. Earlier he posted a link on his blog to a YouTube vide of the Worms Open Warfare 2 commercial that is running in the UK. Fancy watching it now? Okay, here y'go:

It's interesting how they've put more faith and emphasis on the Nintendo DS version. When the original Worms Open Warfare was released, THQ seemed almost oblivious to the fact that they were even putting out a DS version (the THQ Press Extranet still lacks screenshots of the DS version). I think that alone is likely a testament to just how good a job TwoTribes has done with the DS version of WOW2.

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More Worms on the way
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 18/08/07 4:16pm CEST

Spadge mentioned on his blog today there there is "more Wormy stuff in the works too, which will arrive sometime in 2008... but more news on that at a later date." Which is to be expected, of course. Read the blog entry here.

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Worms Open Warfare 2 Release Date & Demo
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 17/08/07 5:45pm CEST

Team17 have announded a simultaneous UK/US release date of August 31st for both the DS and PSP versions of WOW2. This is the intended street date and is still subject to change for whatever reason. It's also worth noting that games are, for whatever reason, rarely available on their street date in the US, so those of us living in America will probably have to wait an extra couple of days.

THQ UK have also made a demo available, which you can now download from Dream17.

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An instrument here, a sound effect there...
Posted in Site Content by SupSuper at 16/08/07 3:25am CEST

For your pleasure and amusement, I have added the soundtracks of Worms Blast and Worms 4: Mayhem. That's right, we now have the soundtrack of every single Worms game. You laughed at me when I told you I'd do it, and who's laughing now? MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Twisted

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Posted in Team17's Partners by Squirminator2k at 15/08/07 8:52pm CEST

It's been six weeks since I moved from England to Los Angeles, USA. Much of that time has been trying to get my life in order and get sorted out, and that largely seems sorted. So I've now begun the fun part - trying to forge relationships with publishers Stateside, for both Dream17 and RealVG. My first port of call is THQ, which makes sense as Dream17/RealVG have very close ties with THQ UK, so it makes sense to try and extend that to the US PR offices. It also helps that they're publishing Worms Open Warfare 2, to trying to contact them is a priority for me.

The problem is, they're a bugger to get 'hold of. I've called them a few times and each time I have unfortunately gone through to voicemail. Fortunately I still have access to the UK Press website, so I won't be short of images, screenshots, etc., but reviews and game-specific info may not be as forthcoming as you are perhaps more used to when it comes to our coverage of Worms games. We'll keep you informed.

Meanwhile, the release date is now chalked in for some time in September, according to Team17 Staff. are still reporting an August 31st release date, while in the US suggest a September 3rd release date. However these dates are purely speculative, so better to wait for THQ and/or Team17 to make a formal announcement.

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Jump Leads success
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 03/08/07 5:55pm CEST

I know this website is supposed to be for Team17-specific news, but I wanted to share some success I've had on other fronts with you.

You may recall, back at the end of June, my mentioning the then-impending launch of Jump Leads, a science-fiction comedy webcomic created by myself and art'd by JjAR. Well, the Jump Leads website launched on July 6th and in the month since it's launch it has been almost universally priased by all who've seen fit to share their opinion with me. It's been praised by Jeremy Kramer & Eric Vaughn, creators of Truck bearing Kibble (who recently had a comic come second in an IGN comic poll), and Tauhid Bondia, creator of another scifi webcomic, Good Ship Chronicles (and who previously wrote and art'd a superb fantasy-comedy webcomic, Spells & Whistles).

Jump Leads also have a couple of ads currently running over on Starslip Crisis, yet another fantastic scifi-comedy webcomic, and I'm planning on appearing at a couple of conventions next year including the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2008 to promote the comic further.

I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to click on the Jump Leads banner when you've seen it up top there. And to the rest of you I ask: What's keeping you? Smile

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