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January 2008

Worms 3D Mac Contest Winner Announced!
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 26/01/08 8:02pm CET

My my, you are a cheeky lot. I had more than a few people send me multiple answers to the question. Where that's been done I've accepted the first answer only... and no one got it on the first time! Shocking.

Quite a few people simply looked up the answer on Wikipedia and decided that there were 13 games. Nice try, but it isn't right - especially when you can get the answer quite easily by checking out the Softography+ page on this very site.

The correct answer based on the criteria I set is 17. That includes Worms, Worms Reinforcements, Worms: The Directors Cut, Worms 2, Worms Armageddon, Worms Pinball, Worms World Party, Worms Blast, Worms 3D, Worms Forts: Under Siege, Worms 4: Mayhem, Worms Open Warfare, Worms XBLA, Worms Open Warfare 2, OnlineWorms, Worms World Party Aqua, and Worms for Sky Digital. For those of you wondering why Worms and Reinforcements United doesn't count, it's a compilation of two pre-existing titles.

As I said, no one got the answer. But the person who guessed the closest - 16 - is Ashley Day. Congratulations! A copy of Worms 3D for the Mac will be on its way to you soonish.

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Unreal Engine 3 Licensees Get Supoenas
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 24/01/08 4:54pm CET

Kotaku are reporting that a number of licensees of the Unreal 3 engine have been "issued supoenas to obtain confidential engine contracts". Kotaku lists a few of the companies who have been supoena'd, but it's not a complete list so there's no way of knowing if Team 17 or Sierra/Vivendi have been dragged into this.

The issue, of course, stems from the ongoing battle between Silicon Knights and Epic Games concerning the engine - Silicon Knights feel that certain features promised of the Unreal 3 engine were not implemented when SK were told they would be, and decided to scrap use of the engine on their future titles. The two companies then decided it would be super-fun to sue each other.

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No online play for Wii Worms
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 18/01/08 11:52pm CET

Team17 and THQ recently announced that Worms: A Space Oddity will not feature online play, because the game is best played when you can see and interact with your opponent. Which is, y'know, a bit silly really, considering that Worms Open Warfare 2 offers one of the best online experiences on the Nintendo DS so far.

Martyn Brown had this to say on the official Team17 Forum:
We realise there's been some disappointment over the fact that Worms: A Space Oddity for Wii has no online play, with that in mind, we'd like to say the following.

Team 17 has proven it can deliver a world class online gaming experience through the popular Worms: Open Warfare 2. THQ and Team 17 believe that Worms: A Space Oddity is a social gaming experience that is best enjoyed locally, in a party-game atmosphere with other players.

We've chosen to focus on making the best possible local multiplayer experience through fast-paced gameplay and entertaining party-games. Players will get even more fun and satisfaction from being able to see the reaction of their friends and taunting them with attacks face-to-face.

That's pretty much how I feel about multiplayer Worms - it's much better to play with someone in the same room as you - but I can't help but feel as though this is spin to cover for the fact that they may be having trouble with, or simply don't have, the Nintendo Wifi SDK. Still, Worms Open Warfare has proven that if an offline-only Worms game does well the potential lies for an online-enabled sequel down the road, so we'll see what happens.

Mostly I'm still concerned that A Space Oddity appears to be based on the Worms Open Warfare engine used for the PSP versions of the handheld game (and also Worms XBLA), which has an inferior physics engine to the engine used for Worms 2 engine (more recently used for the DS version of Worms Open Warfare 2), but that's just me. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Spadge on Leisure Suit Larry
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 18/01/08 7:53am CET

Spadge recently had this to say on the subject of their in-development title, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust:

It's true.

The script is actually rather good and genuinely funny. Yes, it's something different and 'something blue' Smile It's more USA mature comedy rather than bawdy/smutty sex game and its not a collection of mini-games, it's a 3rd person action adventure set in an around a parody of the movie industry with missions and free-roaming environment. The tech is Unreal3.

It's a real departure for us and yes, we've been working on it 2 years. For us, it's big-budget.

There are more announcements to come this year, but our work like this should be expected from now on.

Interesting stuff. Big budget, good script, and Unreal3 tech. In a Leisure Suit Larry game, no less. I'm still not particularly excited about the game itself, considering I was too young to play the games when they first came out, but if it does well it could mean big things for Team 17...

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Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust announced. Ish.
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 17/01/08 8:34pm CET

Martyn Brown recently announced on his blog that Team 17's next game will in fact be a continuation of the popular Leisure Suit Larry franchise originally created by Al Lowe for Sierra Interactive. You can read Martyn's post here, and there's an IGN interview with the game's Executive Producer John Melchior here.

As someone who has never really been a fan of the Leisure Suit Larry games, I can't really feign interest in this. The voice cast for the game, as reported in this news report at Wired, is fairly impressive:

Jay Mohr (Last Comic Standing), Dave Attell (Insomniac), Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie), Carmen Electra (Starsky and Hutch), Artie Lange (Mad TV), Patrick Warburton (Family Guy), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development), Nikki Cox (Las Vegas), Peter Graves (Mission Impossible), Jane Lynch (The 40 Year Old Virgin) and Josh Keaton (The Spectacular Spider-Man) as the voice of Larry Loveage [sic].

The game is due to hit PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 later in the year.

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Microsoft hate Immigrants: the Little Man vs. Xbox Live
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 10/01/08 8:11am CET

When I moved from the US to the UK in June, I contacted Microsoft about transferring my Xbox Live account to the US system so I could enter my new bank account details and continue to pay for the account. What they did instead was insult me, offend me, hang up on me, send me mocking emails and offered me advice such as "go back to England." Nice, eh? It reached a head yesterday when they contacted GamePartisan, one of the gaming websites I write for, and asked them to drop me from their Editorial line-up. GP's Editor in Chief naturally responded by telling them, in lovely colourful terms using diagrams where appropriate, where they could stick themselves.

I've written an article about the issue, which you can read at the gaming website here. I'd be interested in seeing your feedback.

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WIN! Worms 3D for the Mac
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 05/01/08 3:09am CET

To celebrate the future arrival of the UA patches for the Mac version of Worms 3D, we've decided to give away a copy of the Mac version of the game. Generous of us, we know.

For a chance to win the game, simply answer the following insultingly easy question:

How many Worms games have been released to date, including expansions and spin-offs but NOT including mobile phone games?

Email me your answer. The competition closes in two weeks on January 18th.

Good luck! Oh, and don't forget to make sure the [at] symbol is right in the email address before you click "Send" Very Happy or Laughing

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Happy new year from Dream17!
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 01/01/08 4:00am CET

I'd like to wish our visitors a Happy New Year. Be excellent unto each other! Cool

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