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February 2008

WormsDC in WinUAE: Yep, it definitely works
Posted in Amiga Emulation by Squirminator2k at 29/02/08 3:12am CET

Worms: The Directors Cut most certainly works in the latest build of WinUAE, which is fantastic news. There is one minor graphical glitch (active sprites, such as the current worm in play, sheep, dynamite, etc., can sometimes be copied and overlaid the current sprite by one pixel to the right) but it doesn't affect the gameplay.

Terrific stuff - a slice of Worming history is now fully playable once again!

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WinUAE 1.4.6 released, WormsDC appears to work
Posted in Amiga Emulation by Squirminator2k at 25/02/08 7:53pm CET

I don't usually report the release of new builds of WinUAE, largely because I am endemically lazy. However yesterday I discovered there was a new release available, so I did what I usually do: I downloaded it, booted it up and immediately tested out Worms: The Directors Cut, which as you may know hasn't worked properly under the emulator for quite a while now.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday I managed to play three whole games without the game hanging.

One of the updates to WinUAE is a "Sound emulation tweak". WormsDC's functionality seems tied to the sound emulation for some reason (the game refuses to work if you have sound disabled, for instance) so this might be what has fixed the game. I'm going to continue testing WormsDC to make sure that it's working again, just to be sure that this wasn't some kind of marvelous fluke.

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WWP N-Gage: The Second-Worst Trailer You'll See Today
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 18/02/08 9:27am CET

I'm trying rather hard to forget about the awful trailer for Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. Fortunately also has a trailer for the upcoming 2008 release of Worms World Party for Nokia's relaunched N-Gage service. The trailer can be found here.

The trailer itself looks very, very fake, but the game itself seems as though it may be legit. We've reported on a new mobile Worms game before, and it looks like this might well be it. Why, then, Team 17 didn't get Two Tribes to develop this version as well, I'll never know. Still, I shall be making inquiries...

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Leisure Suit Larry trailer [Arguably NSFW]
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 18/02/08 9:14am CET

If you've been waiting for a trailer, here it is. Remember it's probably Not Safe For Work.

Personally, I'm not impressed. I'm not a huge fan of Leisure Suit Larry as it is, but this seems particularly... well, bad. Yes, it's only an early Teaser Trailer, but in terms of quality it's... it's... it's just bad. The spangly breasts at the end seem wholly unnecessary, but to be fair so does pretty much every other aspect of the trailer, so at least it's consistent if nothing else.

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Spadge drops hints of Things to Come
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 06/02/08 4:46pm CET

I love Martyn Brown's blog. Team17 seldom post news on their own website anymore, and so Martyn will occasionally use his blog to drop little hints about what Team17 are working on here and there.

Yesterday, Martyn wrote about plans for future titles for the 360 and PS3:
I can confirm that we have two new titles in the works for digital-publishing on XBLA and one pencilled in for PSN (subject to that being OK'd). We expect all 3 will be very well received and there to be much street-dancing and merriment in general. One is slated for late 2008 and the other stuff in 2009. No details as yet to tease you with, but watch this and several new URL's for more in the coming weeks.

As usual, more info when we have it. Should you feel inclined, you can read the blog post here.

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WF:US budget re-release
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 02/02/08 8:10pm CET

Worms Forts: Under Siege has been re-released in the UK on the Sold-Out Software label, priced at £4.99. Expect to find it in stores like GAME, GameStation, and PC World.

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