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September 2008

CAPTCHA now in effect
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 26/09/08 10:20pm CEST

I didn't want it to come to this. I didn't want to get this far. But idiots will always be idiots and will force me to take drastic effects to stop them from clutting up the database with spam. Therefore, the comments have been upgraded to Level 8 Security.

This means that there's now a CAPTCHA for comments. I know, I know, I hate these things as much as you so I've tried to make this as simple as possible. To post a comment, you need to type in the title of the game's boxart that shows up next to the comment form.

The system is pretty tolerant so you don't have to type in the full title. (no abbreviations though) If you still can't get it right, you can click on the boxart to get a full picture, or just look the name up in the Softography. Or if that isn't enough, just keep refreshing until you get a game you can guess.

Feel free to try it out on this post. Razz

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New Alien Breed logo confirmed
Posted in In Development by Bonz at 16/09/08 10:08pm CEST

Team17 have confirmed the logo for the new, upcoming Alien Breed title to the site VG247 in this article.

New Alien Breed logo

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