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December 2008

Jamie Woodhouse opens Forum on QWAK website
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Squirminator2k at 16/12/08 10:52am CET

Jamie Woodhouse, developer of Team17 titles QWAK and ATR: All Terrain Racing, has opened a forum on his official QWAK website. As well as being a good place to discuss the recent GameBoy Advance and PC remakes of the game, you can also discuss ATR and his previous Psygnosis-published racing game, Nitro.

Pop over and check it out.

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Alien Breed possibly coming to 360, PS3 in April
Posted in In Development by Squirminator2k at 15/12/08 11:31am CET

I have recently been contacted by a source claiming to have an in with Team17 that we can expect the new Alien Breed title to grace both the Xbox 360 Live Arcade and PlayStation3 Network stores in April. According to my source, we will start to see the first real screenshots and video footage trickling out from Team17 during January.

I've also been informed that the game will not be released on the PC because of "piracy concerns". A potential kick in the teeth, there.

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