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January 2013

Worms Ultimate Mayhem DLC now available for PC
Posted in Worms by SupSuper at 13/01/13 12:15pm CET

Not to be left behind, Team17 shows us just how timely content is really done.

Following the release of DLC for Worms Ultimate Mayhem on consoles, they've now made it available for PC too... if by following, you mean the following year!

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Original English Soundbank Available for Worms Reloaded
Posted in Site Content by Squirminator2k at 08/01/13 3:04pm CET

Never let it be said that we don't post timely content on this blog. Unless you want to say that, because it's obviously true.

It won't have escaped the attention of the long-term Worms fans that the "Classic" soundbank included with Worms Reloaded is, in actual fact, not the original soundbank from the first-generation Worms titles. In fact it appears to be the default soundbank from Worms 3D, which is far from classic.

Well, worry ye not! I've put the original soundbank together and put it up as a free download, just for you. You can download the file here.

The zip file contains two soundbanks. The first, "Classic - Amiga" - is the original English soundbank from the Amiga version of Worms. It is, I think, only slightly different than the soundbank used for the PS/PSone versions of the game, but should be immediately recognizable to anyone who's been playing these games since the beginning.

The second soundbank, "Classic - Director's Cut", is the soundbank as it appears in Worms: The Director's Cut. The key difference here is that the Dragon Punch and Fireball sounds are different - specifically, they're a little less "generic" than the sounds that appeared in the game originally. (Huge thanks to Deadcode for originally extracting some of the encrypted/compressed audio from this version of the game.)

As well as the two soundbanks, the zip file contains a ReadMe text document with instructions on where to put the files and how to use them.

If you weant a version of the soundbank for Worms 2/Armageddon/World Party instead, you can find it here.

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