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June 2013

PC-exclusive Worms Clan Wars announced
Posted in Worms by SupSuper at 21/06/13 8:48pm CEST

Not many details about it so far, besides that it'll be building up on its predecessor, and feature some form of clan wars. Probably.

If you're in the UK, Team17 will be unveiling it as well as Superfrog HD over at Rezzed (I hear other companies will be there too but who cares about those Razz), so maybe go check it out and let us know what all the fuss is about.

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Team17 Forum shutting down
Posted in Other Stuff by SupSuper at 08/06/13 9:31am CEST

After more than 10 years of service, the Official Team17 Forum is shutting down. You might think why it's such a big deal, a forum going away, it's just a website, big whoop.

Well, for me, it was the first online community I ever joined when I got this new-fangled thing called the Internet. And it was a nice place. Everyone was nice and friendly, people discussed all kinds of things, crazy forum games, amazing fan-art, terrible in-jokes, and more. Even Team17 occasionally interacted in there. It was a very silly fun place. I learned a lot of stuff and met a lot of nice people that I still talk to this very day. It was an invaluable experience of my life.

I'm sure a lot of Dream17 staff feel this way. Hell, if it wasn't for the forum, most of us probably would've never met and Dream17 itself would've never existed. How about that! So you know, credit where credit is due and all that. But times change. Team17 changed. The forum ain't what it used to be anymore, and these days it's all social this and blog that, so I understand Team17's decision. No point in clinging to the past really.

But here at Dream17, we're all about clinging to the past! So we've decided to bring back the old Dream17 Forum to fill in for the official forum's absence. Join us in waxing nostalgia and whatever else. Bring back some of that old comunity charm. Oh and we also have a Facebook and Steam Group now if, you know, you're into those things.

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Mac Release for Worms Revolution
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 06/06/13 3:32am CEST

Own a Mac? want to play the slightly disappointing Worms Revolution? You're in luck! A "Deluxe Edition" is available on the Mac App Store priced at £14.99 in the UK and $20.99 in the US. That pricing for a limited time only - the price goes up once their launch sale ends, though Team17 doesn't say specifically when that is.

The Deluxe Edition contains all of the preorder DLC as well as the three DLC packs released so far. Somehow I doubt the Mac version will see that fourth DLC pack in the works for the PC version, but in fairness I have my doubts as to whether the PC version will get that DLC either. Time will tell.

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