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WormsDC in WinUAE: Yep, it definitely works
Posted in Amiga Emulation by Squirminator2k at 29/02/08 3:12am CET

Worms: The Directors Cut most certainly works in the latest build of WinUAE, which is fantastic news. There is one minor graphical glitch (active sprites, such as the current worm in play, sheep, dynamite, etc., can sometimes be copied and overlaid the current sprite by one pixel to the right) but it doesn't affect the gameplay.

Terrific stuff - a slice of Worming history is now fully playable once again!

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WinUAE 1.4.6 released, WormsDC appears to work
Posted in Amiga Emulation by Squirminator2k at 25/02/08 7:53pm CET

I don't usually report the release of new builds of WinUAE, largely because I am endemically lazy. However yesterday I discovered there was a new release available, so I did what I usually do: I downloaded it, booted it up and immediately tested out Worms: The Directors Cut, which as you may know hasn't worked properly under the emulator for quite a while now.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday I managed to play three whole games without the game hanging.

One of the updates to WinUAE is a "Sound emulation tweak". WormsDC's functionality seems tied to the sound emulation for some reason (the game refuses to work if you have sound disabled, for instance) so this might be what has fixed the game. I'm going to continue testing WormsDC to make sure that it's working again, just to be sure that this wasn't some kind of marvelous fluke.

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WinUAE 1.4.2a now available, fixes some WormsDC issues
Posted in Amiga Emulation by Squirminator2k at 20/05/07 10:19pm CEST

I found out today that the latest build of WinUAE has been available for a week now, and it seems to fix the "freeze and stutter" glitch that occurs when running Worms: The Director's Cut. However it has given rise to an entirely new problem.

The game now runs less than smoothly on my computer (P4 1.8Ghz processor, GeForce FX 5200, 512MB of RAM). Before the "freeze and stutter" glitch developed, the game ran fine save for some minor graphics glitches. Now it barely runs at all. Andy Davidson has previously informed me that WormsDC really does push the AGA chipset rather hard:

" pushed the AGA chipset very hard indeed, and getting it to look that good was a right struggle. That's the reason for the incorrect sprite colours in the emulated version by the way, WormsDC took advantage of the AGA chipset running out of bandwidth because of how hard it was being pushed. When it started running out of bandwidth you got 'interesting' results, which sometimes came in useful. WormsDC used lots of tricks. Because of all this, it's just very special to me."

So with this in mind, we may never get the game 100% accurately emulated in WinUAE. Which is a real shame.

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