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Allister Brimble's Amiga Works
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Pooka at 14/11/12 7:54am CET

Good news for all fans of Allister Brimble, author of music for many of Team17's older classics - especially those on the Amiga. Allister, the man behind music for Alien Breed, Project-X and Superfrog amongst many others, has started a Kickstarter for his new project - an album of reworked version for many of his older music. This includes Team17 titles.

Another nostalgia trip concerns Rico Holmes, Team17 artist and designer, who will be providing the artwork for the CDs! this is the first time they've teamed up since those early days - so it ought to be exciting!

I've been promoting the Kickstarter over at my Superfrog website, but here's a link if you're too lazy to click through. I'm sure Allister would appreciate more donations, but if you don't want to donate, it wouldn't hurt to have a look!

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Andy Davidson back with Team17
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by SupSuper at 02/04/12 4:35am CEST

Andy Davidson returns to Team 17 to scratch a creative itch he’s had for fourteen years!

Ossett, Yorkshire, UK – Monday 2nd April, 2012 – In a week when Team17 announced, Worms™ Revolution, its most significant release of recent years, the UK’s oldest independent developer is delighted to reveal another surprise to its fans - the return of Worms creator, Andy Davidson.

At the height of his career, Andy quit the games industry to pursue other interests. “I left Team17 feeling I hadn’t finished what I wanted to achieve, but for professional reasons I knew I had to walk away”, commented Andy. “I’ve returned to scratch the creative itch that’s been bothering me for the last fourteen years. It’s nice to be back at Team17, it’s as though there’s been a revolution in the studio itself - there’s a real creative buzz about the place.”

Team17 Managing Director, Debbie Bestwick, is particularly pleased at the errant son’s homecoming. “I’d always hoped Andy would return but never thought it would actually happen. The passion he shows for Worms is almost palpable and I’m looking forward to see how his injection of fresh enthusiasm into an already highly motivated and skilled team will affect things.”

Andy will begin by offering the Worms™ Revolution developers his support. “The engine and physics in Worms™ Revolution are awesome, the team have developed a truly landmark game. I’ll be lending them my insight to ensure that the game balance is true to the spirit of the brand.” In addition, fans will be delighted to know that Andy has been working on a variety of new game ideas. Exciting times are ahead for Team17.


Could the return of Worms' original creator actually drastically change the course of the franchise? Or will the fans keep being dusty old cynics about it? My thoughts are... maybe.

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Andy Davidson launches ibar Music Blog
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Squirminator2k at 14/01/09 2:55am CET

Our friend Andy Davidson (you know, the creator of a little game called Worms) contacted me today to let me know that he's launched the ibar's new musicblog, Music Is My Radar. He'll be posting what he's described as "some VERY big exclusive mp3's from the bands/DJ's I now work with." Which is awesome. Bonus points to Andy for naming the blog after the song by Blur.

For those of you not in the know, Andy Davidson opened the ibar almost two years ago in Bournemouth, England. A second ibar is due to open in Camden this Easter. Which is awesome.

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Jamie Woodhouse opens Forum on QWAK website
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Squirminator2k at 16/12/08 10:52am CET

Jamie Woodhouse, developer of Team17 titles QWAK and ATR: All Terrain Racing, has opened a forum on his official QWAK website. As well as being a good place to discuss the recent GameBoy Advance and PC remakes of the game, you can also discuss ATR and his previous Psygnosis-published racing game, Nitro.

Pop over and check it out.

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Jamie Woodhouse releases QWAK for Windows
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Squirminator2k at 23/10/08 7:59pm CEST

It's been a good couple of years in the making, but the Windows version of QWAK is finally available for downloadable purchase via the game's official website, priced at £12.99 (a free demo is also available). I haven't had the opportunity to try yet as I'm at work, but I have had a look at the video and it looks pretty faithful to the Amiga version. Hopefully at soem point we'll get the opportunity to write a full review.

In the meantime, pop over to the official QWAK website and check it out.

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Andy Davidson upgrades ibar
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Squirminator2k at 17/12/07 5:09pm CET

Andy Davidson, who most of you will know as the creator of Worms and who opened the ibar in Bournemouth earlier this year, has recently announced a number of updates to the bar:

Just in time for Christmas, a few upgrades for you:

> 'Exclusive' category added to the musicplayeer
> 'Local' category added to the musicplayer
> Recalibrated the sound in the bar

The Exclusive section is home to advance/unreleased/rare tracks and remixes from bands who are friends of the bar. Get a first listen to tracks from Devils Gun, The Slips, Get Shakes, Plastic Operator and others before they are out anywhere else. Look out for some very special Infadels stuff coming soon ...

The Local section does what it says on the tin, and will showcase songs from local acts. If you're good we want to know! Drop in a CD or email me at andy[at] Tracks will only go on the musicplayer, and won't end up anywhere else. This is the first step as part of several things we will be doing to encourage and promote local artists in 2008. Watch this space.

Are there any Dream17 visitors who have been to the ibar? Do you have photos or a story to tell? Feel free to drop an email our way and share!

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ibar Photos
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Squirminator2k at 09/04/07 11:54am CEST

Andy Davidson has placed some photos of the interior of ibar on its MySpace page. You need to be logged in to MySpace before you'll be able to see them.

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iBar opening night
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Squirminator2k at 05/04/07 9:17pm CEST

If you're in Bournemouth, then... well, you're probably not reading this, really. If you've got any common sense you'll be at the opening night of ibar, Andy Davidson's new bar for the 21st century. And if you're not there, then... well, you're here. Or possibly not here. Maybe you're somewhere else. Maybe something else took precident, something more important than the opening of a really snazzy-looking bar.

In closing, if you're in Bournemouth then you really should be at the ibar about now. Really. Go.

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Andy Davidson "ibar" to launch on April 5th
Posted in T17 Staff & Former Staff by Squirminator2k at 25/03/07 2:15pm CEST

I received an email from Andy Davidson yesterday afternoon that contained a link to a website: If you click the cursor on the website - the flashing black block - you will be taken to the ibar's MySpace profile where you will learn about what ibar is.

The MySpace page boasts that ibar is "Bournemouth's cutting-edge, independent bar and club" and goes on to explain why. It looks very exciting, and we wish Andy good luck with this rather snazzy venture he's embarked on.

A link to the ibar website will be added to our Links page shortly.

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