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Worms3D Map Editor
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 01/01/70 12:59am CET

Those of you who frequent the Team17 Forums will know that, about a month or so ago, K^2 was banned for talking about hacking Worms3D to make his own Map Editor. This stirreed up a bit of controversy amongst the Senior Regulars, but the decision had been made and Team17 were not going back on it. I won't argue, really - K^2 broke the rules and he was warned, and ultimately his being banned was the outcome of these discussions.

But he continued his Map Editor hijinks on our forum (each time with a message stating that his work is not endorsed or otherwise affiliated with Dream17) and, after producing a Map Viewer a few weeks ago, he has finally produced a very basic WYSIWYG Map Editor. Click here to see more.

Edit :: K^2 says he doesn't feel his Editor qualifies for WYSIWYG status. He's right, it's much more What You See Is Probably What You Get, Even Though There Is No GUI And Everything Is Done By Keyboard Shortcuts, Also It's Virtually Unusable (or WYSIPWYGETTINGUIAEIDBYSAIVU, which doesn't roll off of the tongue quite so easily).

Posted by y2f at 29/08/08 11:39am CEST

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