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A quick note to those of you...
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 14/08/05 1:17pm CEST

...who came to this site looking for the full version of Worms 4. Yes, our Traffic Monitor keeps an eye on who's using what search strings to get to the site, and a few of you have discovered this site as a result of looking for a full, free download of the latest Worms game. Well done you. Did I mention that our Traffic Monitor can pull up IP addresses on request, and that it's possible to use these to track down your computer? Even if you have an unfixed IP, it's still possible to find out which computer the address was assigned to at the time it was logged as having visited the site. So it's no difficult task getting in touch with your ISP and reporting this activity. Just a Heads Up for you.

Remember: Dream17 is not tolerant of Videogame Piracy. Every game we have available to download on our site is fully authorised by Team17. In most cases for the ADF versions of the games, we have unfortunately had to use pirated versions of the game to download, as these are usually the only versions of the game that will actually back up to ADF. But we do offer the originals as IPF downloads as well. Anyone who finds this site while looking for illegal downloads of any title will be traced and reported.

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