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A potential controversy
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 02/12/05 1:36pm CET

Long-time fans of Lemmings may be disappointed to discover that you will be able to issue commands to your Lemmings while the game is paused, in Team17's classy PSP remake of this classic Amiga title. The Christmas 2005 issue of Edge Magazine states that this is, "Clearly a concession to the fixed cursor speed, this is the kind of change that could prove no less ruinous than the problem it's trying to solve." Would it not be easier, asks your friendly neighbourhood Teamster-Fan, to allow one of the buttons - Triangle, perhaps, or Select at a stretch - to slow time down allowing you to issue commands to your Lemmings slightly quicker, rather than arguably ruining the flow of the game entirely...? We'll keep you updated.

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