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Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 23/03/06 8:29pm CET

SupSuper has spent the better part of the past month or so meticulously converting the site to PHP. You may have noticed a few changes, but this is nothing compared to how easy it is for us to maintain the site now. Site updates should be far more often...

Incidentally, we're aware of a few issues with page displays. Firefox and Opera users are getting white pages, and IE users are getting Microsoft's generic 404 error page. We're looking into it. It may be to do with the recent Database rollback our Esteemed Hosts carried out recently. Lovely.

Edit by SupSuper: I'd just like to add that, while this conversion is going on, I wouldn't suggest bookmarking any pages besides the index, as they may change. This means you'll also have to update any links, if you linked to any page.

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