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Another World: Collectors Edition
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 12/05/06 10:17pm CEST

Anyone who's anyone remembers Another World and it's creator, Eric Chahi, recently released a graphically enhanced "collectors edition" online. It's shareware, it costs only £5, and you can snag it at the official Another World website.

Posted by SupSuper at 13/05/06 12:38am CEST

Will you quit pimping the damn game? You'd think they were paying you or something. Razz

Posted by Squirminator2k at 14/05/06 10:41am CEST

I can't help how awesome it is, and they're not really advertising it themselves, so they're dependent on Word of Mouth.

Posted by AF at 25/05/06 3:06pm CEST

According to Cloanto, Another World has also returned to the Amiga platform.

They said on the forums, "It is included on Amiga Forever 2006 Plus Edition and Premium Edition, which are due out next week, and contain more than 200 MB of new games and demoscene productions. This Amiga version of Another World is a special build by Eric Chahi just for Amiga Forever".


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