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No new Alien Breed game in development
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 05/07/06 4:51pm CEST

So apparently everything we've reported about the new Alien Breed game that was supposedly in development following AB2004's shelving is, ahem, entirely untrue. In the aforementioned thread on the Team17 Forum, Spadge has stated that there "There isn't one in production." I was under the impression, based on comments Spadge had made over the past year or so, that a new Alien Breed game was certainly in the planning stages at least. However, in Spadge's defence, all he had said was that there was interest in the franchise and that a new game could be developed, not that one was being developed. I sincerely apologise if I have mislead any Team17/Alien Breed fans - I'm just as disappointed as you are. Sad

Posted by SupSuper at 05/07/06 5:44pm CEST


Posted by SupSuper at 05/07/06 5:47pm CEST

I didn't break anything!

Posted by Cyclaws at 05/07/06 10:53pm CEST


Posted by Squirminator2k at 06/07/06 8:36am CEST

I must get around to making that 1024-x768 version of the site design...

Posted by Cyclaws at 06/07/06 11:42am CEST

Or force a line break when a certain number of characters have been reached.

Posted by jed at 06/07/06 1:13pm CEST

You don't think he might have been using just a bit of reverse psychology? After all, he did then go on to say that "until we are allowed to release information by our publishing partners.".....

Posted by Me at 07/07/06 2:45pm CEST

He can't tell what they are working in, but he also can't tell lies.
Unless it's April 1st of course.

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