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QWAK Advance may be available before Christmas
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 08/12/06 8:20pm CET

The second QWAK GBA e-newsletter has gone out, containing this very snazzy information:
"There has been fantastic interest in QWAK, many thanks to Games TM magazine, who did an interview with me in their mag. I have recieved loads of good feedback about the game, and it seems many of you want it ... and you will definately be able to have it ... soon.

I hope to have the Carts ready for shipping by the end of next week, that is if all goes smoothly of course. So you may even get QWAK for Christmas after all.

Pricing has also been announced:

"£15 - 1 Cartridge (including FREE postage and packaging)
£27 - 2 Cartridges (including FREE postage and packaging)
£38 - 3 Cartridges (including FREE postage and packaging)

The free postage includes International orders. I think you'll all agree that this is absolutely fantastic news, and I am glad to see that QWAK Advance has seen so much positive interest. To subscribe to the mailing list yourself, check out the

I have had an email asking why QWAK Advance has not appeared on our Softography+. The simple answer is that, like the BBC Micro edition that came before the Amiga release, QWAK Advance hasn't been developed or published by Team 17. That doesn't mean to say that we're not excited. Pooka wrote a preview for RealVG, our "sister site" of sorts, and while he raised a few concerns with the demo, he's just as excited about the GBA release as I am (although I expect he'd be more excited at the prospect of a portable Superfrog game...).

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