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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Posted in Archived by Squirminator2k at 12/01/07 7:19pm CET

This year we will be totally overhauling the look and feel of Dream17, and one of the things we are considering is incorporating a German Translation. It'd be a big addition to add to the site, but we do get a lot of traffic from Germany and we also link to a couple of German sites, so it just seems like a natural step to make.

We wouldn't be doing a straight Babelfish/Google translation, either - we have contacts in Germany, people who would be able to translate the site to actual, readable German.

The question is this: would our visitors benefit from a German translation? We're very much interested in hearing what you guys think about this idea, so drop us an email or leave a comment on this newspost and let us know what you think.

Posted by rIZe^ at 13/01/07 3:40pm CET

not a good idea
i'm half german and i just think it would be a waste of time

Posted by bonz at 13/01/07 4:12pm CET

Was zum Teufel?
Die Arbeit bleibt dann wohl an mir hängen... Wink

Posted by Iranon at 13/01/07 7:14pm CET

I am from Germany and I think most Germans that are interested in video games speak English languange. We learn to read, speak and write English language in school. Lot's of gamers in Germany prefer playing the video games in English language, because it's the original language of most of the games. I don't think it's really necessary to have a German Translation of this site.

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