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Commodore Returns!
Posted in Retrogaming by Squirminator2k at 16/03/07 10:50pm CET

The Commodore brand is being revived. The new company, called Commodore Gaming, is a manufacturer of high-spec gaming PCs which are due to start selling in April for prices between £1,000-5,000 (or $1,900-9,500). The company aren't just selling "black and beige" PCs - customers will be able to choose one of over 100 case designs, and Commodore hope to make customising your own design a possibility in the future.

This is wonderful news, and I will confess there is a sort of perverse pleasure in the possibility of running Amiga Forever on a Commodore-branded PC.

Posted by bonz at 19/03/07 3:34pm CET

I guess it wasn't completely dead anyway.
I remember seeing a Commodore MP3 player a few years ago.

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