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Worms XBLA update
Posted in Worms by Cyclaws at 22/03/07 5:43pm CET

Spadge has this to say about the progress of an update for Worms on XBLA:

"I'd just like to say that most of the issues reported so far have already been fixed and are currently being tested prior to resubmission of our update code. We'll need for that to be tested and recertified before it goes live. I'll update again when we have timings on that.

The 4player lobby issue (5th player joining causing host lock and other player problems), a few minor leaderboard things, the rope weapon stuff, the jetpac fall damage, etc are all sorted out.

Additionally, the AI has been sorted out, it now takes 1-2 secs max for the AI to think. (our apologies for that). As a result, the challenges can be completed much faster. Also, we stopped the AI doing those crazy, unnervingly accurate grenade shots too...

We're currently not sure if this means the leaderboards will reset or not, I'd probably propose that they're left alone since the times can be beaten (and not the other way). The bizarre issue that leads to times of zero will be fixed, obviously Smile

The first DLC is around the corner with a total of 6-7 new visual themes coming through the spring/summer... so look out for that. 30+ voice sets are on the way too.

Keep on wormin'"

Posted by Hexxagonal at 22/03/07 10:29pm CET

Awesome. I'm getting so bored with the themes that came with the game. There isn't a lot of variety in them. I'm hoping one of the themes is a tropical theme. That would be cool.

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