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Parachute Joust content added
Posted in Site Content by Squirminator2k at 27/04/07 12:02pm CEST

I've been exceedingly lazy over the years with regards to the 17-Bit Software titles in our Softography+, and I'm going to start remedying this this. I've started things off by adding screenshots and, yes, ADF disk images for Parachute Joust and Doctor Strange 2: The Return of Doctor Strange.

I intend to add more titles to the 17-Bit listing as I discover them, so if you have any information about these old titles (disk images would be handy) drop me an email and let me know.

Posted by AF at 27/04/07 1:27pm CEST

A number of 17-Bit Software titles can be legally downloaded from Ami Sector One.

Parachute Joust
Skate Tribe
Soccer Cards US 94

Posted by AF at 27/04/07 1:27pm CEST

Ami Sector One

Posted by Squirminator2k at 27/04/07 1:47pm CEST

Fantastic, thanks AF.

Posted by Ash at 27/04/07 3:59pm CEST

Cool. I used to love Parachute Joust even if it was a bit limited.

Posted by AF at 28/04/07 10:13am CEST

You can also find a few other titles in the Apps section of Ami Sector One

F.R.A.C. - Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Creator
Karaoke for Kids
Colour It
The Bible
The Travel Guide

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