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Jump Leads success
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 03/08/07 5:55pm CEST

I know this website is supposed to be for Team17-specific news, but I wanted to share some success I've had on other fronts with you.

You may recall, back at the end of June, my mentioning the then-impending launch of Jump Leads, a science-fiction comedy webcomic created by myself and art'd by JjAR. Well, the Jump Leads website launched on July 6th and in the month since it's launch it has been almost universally priased by all who've seen fit to share their opinion with me. It's been praised by Jeremy Kramer & Eric Vaughn, creators of Truck bearing Kibble (who recently had a comic come second in an IGN comic poll), and Tauhid Bondia, creator of another scifi webcomic, Good Ship Chronicles (and who previously wrote and art'd a superb fantasy-comedy webcomic, Spells & Whistles).

Jump Leads also have a couple of ads currently running over on Starslip Crisis, yet another fantastic scifi-comedy webcomic, and I'm planning on appearing at a couple of conventions next year including the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2008 to promote the comic further.

I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to click on the Jump Leads banner when you've seen it up top there. And to the rest of you I ask: What's keeping you? Smile

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