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Worms Open Warfare 2 UK Commercial
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 20/08/07 4:35pm CEST

You've gotta love Martyn Brown. Earlier he posted a link on his blog to a YouTube vide of the Worms Open Warfare 2 commercial that is running in the UK. Fancy watching it now? Okay, here y'go:

It's interesting how they've put more faith and emphasis on the Nintendo DS version. When the original Worms Open Warfare was released, THQ seemed almost oblivious to the fact that they were even putting out a DS version (the THQ Press Extranet still lacks screenshots of the DS version). I think that alone is likely a testament to just how good a job TwoTribes has done with the DS version of WOW2.

Posted by Muzer at 25/08/07 9:43am CEST

Offtopic, but I assume you got the audio for Worms Open Warfare 1 by using a 3.5mm Jack Male - 3.5 mm Jack male cable from the PSP's Headphones port to the Computer's Mic port and recorded it with a sound recorder of some sort. Am I right?

Posted by Muzer at 25/08/07 9:51am CEST

Oh yeah, and sorry for double posting, but I assume you have actually bought Qwak for GBA. It might be an idea to update the Qwak Xtra section.

PS: I have bought Qwak for GBA. It rocks, don't you agree?

PPS: Do you take your screenshots via emulation or via cables connecting the console to the PC, or from the internet, or a mixture?

Posted by Squirminator2k at 30/08/07 4:58pm CEST

1.) Actually, the WOW PSP audio came from Bjorn Lynne's website, I believe.

2.) Qwak GBA does rock, although it runs 1.2 times faster than the original Amiga version. It's bloody hard, but bloody good fun.

3.) The majority of the screenshots are taken via emulation. I don't take screenshots of anything I don't physically own. The exceptions to this rule are Stunt GP and Army Men: Major Malfunction (the screenshots were provided by people who have the games) and a couple of games (notably WWP Ngage) where the shots were taken from another website.

3a.) I am actually set up to take screenshots from consoles, as my new PC actually came with a very spiffy TV card (my GameCube is currently hooked up to it, but I may use it to take screenshots of future 360/Wii titles).

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