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US release date unchanged - Amazon getting late shipment
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 02/09/07 6:19pm CEST

Having done some investigative work, it appears that the American release date for Worms Open Warfare 2 has gone unchanged. In fact it appears that are the only company who have changed their day, which is roughly two weeks after everyone else has theirs. Best Buy still list the release date for both versions (DS and PSP) as September 6th while GameStop lists their release date at the 4th. I would advise against American customers placing their order with GameStop as they have done a magnificent job of ensuring I can't give them any of my money either online or in their retail outlets, and would encourage our US-based readers to visit either their local independent videogame store, or to make their purchase at Best Buy.

There are a number of reasons why may be getting their shipment later than everyone else, ranging from stock issues with the distributor to an outstanding debt owed by Amazon to THQ. Either way, most games make the majority of their money during the first two weeks of their release, and as are rather stupidly not releasing the game during those two weeks, they're not likely to make much of a profit from the sale of WOW2. Ho hum.

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