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Programming Challenge throwdown: Superfrog for the NES
Posted in Fan Stuff by Squirminator2k at 13/09/07 7:58pm CEST

Inspired by Dream17 Forum regular bucky o hare's rather excellent Superfrog NES chiptune Medlies, I've decided to throw down the gauntlet to the game programmers of the world who may come across this website. The challenge: port Superfrog to the NES.

There are some rules that have to be adhered to:

  • The game must work in a NES emulator. Ideally, it must also work on an actual NES, but I have no way of checking that Smile

  • There must be at least 2 fully playable worlds from the original game. Any more than that will earn bonus points.

  • The original sprites must be used, although you can obviously reduce the color and limit/recycle sprites for levels if necessary. The HUD can also be simplified if need be.

  • The physics must be as close to the Amiga version as possible. Oh, and the Wings power-up must work as it does in the Amiga version, not the MS-DOS version!

  • There must be sound of some sort, be it blips and bloops of sound effects, music, or both. I don't know if bucky o hare wants to get involved in that area, I guess that's largely up to him.

  • I will definitely reward the first successful programmer with a prize of some sort - maybe a copy of Worms Open Warfare 2 or something. There's no deadline here either, so take as long as you need. The first person to submit a fully working port, well, wins. Good luck!

    Edit: Potential programmers may find NESHLA useful. Thanks to Monkeyforahead for the... uh... heads up.

    Further information: A couple of people have asked if there is a deadline on this challenge. There is no deadlien - it's First Come, First Prize.

    Posted by Ash at 13/09/07 8:50pm CEST

    Brilliant stuff! I love this kind of thing.

    I can't program to save my life but I'm willing to help out on this one. Will try and mention this in gamesTM if I get the chance.


    Posted by cowboyz at 14/09/07 1:05am CEST

    i say give the winner cake!

    Posted by Pooka at 14/09/07 1:19pm CEST

    Fantastic! I've got a NES.

    Might mention this on my site, when it gets back up and I can be arsed to update.

    Posted by pieman280 at 14/09/07 11:52pm CEST

    cool contest, squirminator2k!

    to bad I can't enter it, I've never played superfrog in my life.

    Posted by Mikael Andersson at 26/09/07 11:03pm CEST

    Just about the legal issues involved in using Superfrog data and Superfrog/Team17 intellectual property?
    I know Team17 has allowed their games to be downloaded from this site, but making a port is a different thing, sadly.
    Just wondering because I wouldn't want to program something like that just to find out people can't play the result of my hard work legally...

    Posted by Squirminator2k at 05/10/07 4:20am CEST

    That's a very good question.

    I have emailed Team17 to let them know I'm running this contest, and thus far I've had no complaints. The company have given us permission to make the original Amiga version available for download, so I can't see any immediate reason why they would object to fans porting it to a twenty year-old console that is no longer being produced or published for.

    Fan-ports do have a history of being trampled on, but in most cases that's people porting older games by larger companies to newer systems. Team17 have always been pretty lenient with regards to fan-projects such as this, even going so far as to put one of them (Worms Breakout) up for download on the Worms Armageddon website. I think it's safe to say they're not going to have any serious objections to this.

    Posted by Matt at 21/10/07 12:26am CEST

    It's very possible that this will be impossible - from a memory requirements standpoint.

    SF levels are BIG from a NES standpoint, and there are lots of sprites (particularly for all the SF player actions) which also will need to be in memory.

    Has anybody started with this? K^2, weren't you planning on it? I'm curious as to whether it's possible.

    Posted by Wow at 21/12/07 8:52pm CET

    God that would be awasome... i hope i live to see the day when Mobile phones get powerfull enough to run an amiga emulator smoothly... i mean... when this becomes possible in the future... proberbly long away... i'm gonna spent the rest of my days playing SuperFrog everywhere i am... by far the greatest platform game every created... I'll pay for a Ported NES version of SuperFrog if anyone succeds.. since i can play NES on my phone Smile but only if its simular to the real amiga version. I once heard a rumor that Team17 had planned to port it them selfes to Gameboy Advance... oh god please do!

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