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Artist required for videogame project
Posted in Other Stuff by Squirminator2k at 17/12/07 8:11pm CET

You may know my friend Euan Mumford for his college webcomic, Rooms, and similarly you may know my friend SupSuper for the work he does putting my websites together (apart from my blog, natch). Well they've been working on a point and click adventure game for over a year now, and they've hit a bit of a wall. They need artists.

They've got everything else sorted. The story is 100% complete. The sound is getting there. The game engine itself is built around Adventure Game Studio and utilises some kind of unique, special interface they've coded specifically for the game. The only thing they don't have is character or background artists.

I'm not sure what sort of style they're looking for, but if you're interested in lending a hand you can email either Euan or SupSuper to ask for more info (or you can email me and I will pass your details on). From what they've told me and have been able to show me of the game, it looks really promising - it'd be really cool to see it finished.

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