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Advertise on Dream17!
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 19/12/07 2:26am CET

Dream17 is currently experimenting with banner advertisements with Project Wonderful. This form of advertising allows you to pay the price you want to pay for advertising on our website. The highest bidder has their advert on display.

For more information, check out the Project Wonderful website

Posted by yauhui at 20/12/07 2:48pm CET

Damn, 10 cents per day? *counts* That's...

3.10 dollars per month! Sad

I sure hope there are "free advertising slots" like last time. Sad

Posted by yauhui at 20/12/07 2:52pm CET

or maybe a "pay per month" service!

btw, where do I donate? Comes in handy if I have extra cash.

Posted by Squirminator2k at 20/12/07 3:29pm CET

A Pay per Month service would be doing us less of a service than you think. The way we have things set up now really is the best wya of doing it - $3.10 a month is not really a bad price for advertising at all, considering we were previously offering paid advertising at £2 ($4 US) a week.

We took down our Donate button around the time SupSuper and I redesigned the site. I've been thinking about putting it back but we only ever get donations when I ask for them, and I always feel bad asking for them. If you really, really want to make a donation drop me an email and we'll have a chat.

Posted by yauhui at 21/12/07 6:56am CET

No matter what, I'll be having problems sending you an email.

Whenever I try the link ".:Email Squirminator2k:." and type in something (last time I tried asking about advertising) and click "send", my browser will just load and load and I will be redirected to another page, similar to this but there are no contents. blank. just the "CONTACT" frame and nothing in it.

It's difficult to describe, especially having English my second language and being in a part of Asia where everyone speaks... not English. Confused??:

Anyways, I'll look forward to advertising opportunities once I get my site up and running.

Posted by yauhui at 21/12/07 12:50pm CET

Wait.. I'm a little confused.

When it says "Now: $0.20" does it mean the current auctioner is auctioning at 20 cents? Confused??:

Posted by Squirminator2k at 24/12/07 12:53am CET

Well seeing as Dream17 is always the one auctioning the ad space...

Posted by yauhui at 24/12/07 9:55am CET

No, I mean...

When it says "Now: $.040", does it mean I need to pay $0.41 or more to be able to advertise or what?

Posted by Squirminator2k at 24/12/07 7:13pm CET

It means that's the minimum to beat what the current advertising is paying right now. Bear in mind that may not be their maximum bid price, either - if the current price is $0.20, for example, and you bit $0.25, but the current advertiser's maximum bid is $1.00, then you still won't be the highest bidder.

Your best bet is to check out the FAQ on

Posted by SupSuper at 24/12/07 11:27pm CET

I've fixed the contact form. It shows how much people use it that only months after the new design does someone notice it. Razz

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