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Worms XBLA wins an award which isn't an award
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 04/03/08 6:49pm CET

Calling it the Xbox Live Arcade Awards is at least 30% inaccurate. Three of the "awards" - "Best-Selling Game," "Most-Played Game" and "Highest-Rated Game" - aren't awards at all. No special consideration needs to be made to give those particular awards to anyone. All you need to do is look at the numbers and the person with the highest one wins that £5 WH Smith Gift Certificate.

Still, developing the most-played Xbox Live Arcade game of 2007 is definitely something to get excited about. Worms for Xbox Live was that game, which is fantastic. It's still one of the most-played Xbox Live games overall, I believe (the last time I checked it was in sixth place) proving that the 2D side of the franchise still has some sticking power despite Team 17's reluctance to release any further content or fix any of the glaring bugs that the game has. Well done, Team 17.

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