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IGN posts Worms retrospective, uses Dream17 content
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 18/03/08 3:59am CET

A Worms Retrospective has been posted on IGN, and they've been rather cheeky and used one of our Total Wormage screenshots without asking us or crediting us. Which is nice.

Look familiar?

The article also has occasional bits of misinformation, such as the claim that the franchise has been going for "over twenty years" and then go on to say Andy designed the version version of the game in 1990, which is less than twenty years ago. They also claim that Worms 3D came out in 1999, a good couple of years before the GameCube and PS2 even hit the market. Have a read of the article yourself and see if you can spot any more inaccuracies.

Posted by SupSuper at 18/03/08 7:31pm CET

That's what you get for forgetting to watermark them. Razz

Posted by SupSuper at 18/03/08 7:34pm CET

In any case, that particular TW screenshot is all over the place.

Posted by Ash at 18/03/08 8:21pm CET

And it seems as though a lot of their information is cribbed from the interview I did for Retro Gamer a few years back. Though I suppose the facts may have found their way onto Wikipedia. It's lazy journalism either way.

Posted by Andrew at 18/03/08 8:33pm CET

Near the bottom of page two they say that Ronnie Hazelhurst wrote "Reach".

Posted by Bonz at 18/03/08 10:59pm CET

Well, someone should fix that watermark generator then... Wink

Posted by yauhui at 19/03/08 12:59pm CET

I can't believe IGN watermarked the images.

Posted by Squirminator2k at 20/03/08 9:41am CET

I deliberately didn't watermark them for archival/historical purposes. Although I'm beginning to regret that decision now...

Posted by yauhui at 23/03/08 1:53am CET

Have you contacted IGN? They must have an explanation for this.

... I bet they'll say it's a coincidence.

Posted by Squirminator2k at 25/03/08 8:08pm CET

I sent an email via their contact form. No response yet.

Posted by bonz at 11/04/08 3:42pm CEST

Any response from IGN yet?

Has the watermark generator been fixed yet to avoid future incidents?

Posted by Squirminator2k at 16/04/08 5:07pm CEST

They've not responded to my email at all.

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