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Worms: A Space Oddity fails to impress Veteran Wormers
Posted in Worms by Squirminator2k at 09/04/08 9:38pm CEST

Which is largely unsurprising really, considering it isn't aimed at us. It's aimed at people who haven't played a Worms game before. Team 17 had announced that the game would only have 17 weapons and yet knowing this Wormers are still going out to buy the game only to complain about the limited arsenal some minutes later. Unfortunately it's the Veterans who are the most vocal on the Team 17 forum. Go fig.

I personally haven't picked up the game, considering it came out just before I went back to England to visit family, but I imagine I'll pick it up fairly soon. It seems fairly pricey for a Wii game (compared to other games in the States, I mean). Once I have it I'll write a full, impartial review. Then I'll throw that in the bin and write a proper one.

Posted by Shadowmoon at 11/04/08 9:52pm CEST

I've played the game myself, and its actually ok! why the fuck are people not liking this game?

Its maybe my sense to like every single worms game that comes out, eh?

I think its a decent game. The reason, well in my opinion anyway, people don't like it, is because its not like WA! who said it flippin had to be like WA? and why should it be?

Is it not nice to try something new?

Expect a really huge review when i get back.

This all i have to say.:evil:

Posted by yauhui at 12/04/08 2:36am CEST

I know you're angry (and even if you're not), it's not a good idea to go around swearing in other people's site.

Posted by Shadowmoon at 12/04/08 5:25am CEST


and i'm not angry. i'm confused.

its maybe just my sense to like all worms games that come out.

Since i return to team 17 today, i'll be submitting a review.:-)

Posted by Angelus at 12/04/08 10:16am CEST

Well, it's not the worst game ever. Even a worms game with 2 weapons and one landscape can be incredibly fun for quite a while. The thing is that it's not a good game at all, it just comes out like one of other countless bellow-average quality games that come out for the Wii.
I think what most of us want is T17 to make a game that is actually good, that can at the very least contend in some level with a game they released 9 years ago...

Posted by yauhui at 13/04/08 8:40am CEST

I doubt they can release a game better, or at least just as good, than the games they used to release.

They have pushed their Worms concept to the limits - from 2D to 3D, from odd-looking worms to cute-and-adorable blobs. There is nowhere to go now, T17 has driven Worms to a corner.

The only things they can improve in is landscaping, realistic physics, weapons, and worm accessories.

Unless they want to change the shape of the creature everyone loves, the looks of their Worms can hardly be majorly modified.


Still, I'm confused as to why T17 decided to make the worms' tail stretched out in their 3D games, as compared to folded ones in the 2D counterparts.

Posted by Angelus at 13/04/08 4:27pm CEST

You're quite wrong there.
There's still plenty of stuff that can be added that would add a whole new layer to the game.

Posted by NovaCoder at 05/06/08 3:27am CEST

We got this for the Wii. Not too bad (at least they've gone back to 2D), only real problem with it are the stupid Wii controls that are used to throw things and you don't seem to have the option to switch to a tranditional mouse type control setup (still using the Wii remote obviously).

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