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Old X2 websites archived
Posted in Site Content by Squirminator2k at 05/05/08 4:19am CEST

Dream17 reader Lemonhead sent us an email a week or so ago letting us know that he'd archived versions of the now defunct official website for PSone schoot 'em up X2. We've uploaded the sites for visitors to explore. There are unfortunately some instances of missing images or files, but the sites are effectively as they were back in 1995/96.

Preview site
1st version
2nd version
3rd version
4th version

Posted by bonz at 20/05/08 3:39pm CEST

Maybe digging around on's Waybackmachine could help finding those missing images.

What was the URL of the original site(s)?

Posted by bonz at 20/05/08 3:48pm CEST

Yes, the first 3 versions are still available.

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