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Dream17 FOrum is down
Posted in Dream17 by Squirminator2k at 01/06/08 6:37pm CEST

On the off-chance anyone actually visits our forum anymore, it's currently down due to technical issues. I'm debating whether or not to bother putting it up again considering how few people use it. If you're looking for a place to discuss Team 17 titles, the Official Team 17 Forum is probably the... least worst place to go, while the English Amiga Board is a great place to talk about all things Amiga.

We'll let you know our decision soon.

Posted by Bonz at 02/06/08 12:34pm CEST

"whether or not to bother putting it up again considering how few people use it"

1) Does the forum cost extra charges?
2) Does it cause considerably more traffic?

If not, I think it you should put it back online (if it isn't too much hassle that is).

You might reduce it even more in regards to sub-forums and such.

Posted by Joe Chatham at 02/06/08 7:00pm CEST

Why not have it hosted for free on

Posted by yauhui at 03/06/08 9:04am CEST

I tried clicking on the "English Amiga Board" link, and the following page read: "Server not found.

Firefox can't find the server at www.eab.abime,net."

Posted by Angelus at 03/06/08 8:25pm CEST

Uh... yeah, because it should be ".net" instead of ",net".
S-2k probably miss-typed it, but it's a rather easy to spot error. Just replace the "," with a "."

Posted by yauhui at 04/06/08 3:41am CEST

> Angelus

oh kk thanks

at first i thought it was supposed to be "", seeing that S2K mistyped the comma. (with one error, i thought there was always one more)

Posted by Andrew at 22/06/08 9:21pm CEST

In my experience forums are more hassle than they are expense: Lefora aren't going to moderate it.

There are a couple of downloads on there I'm unaware where else people can find, mind. It'd be better up-and-locked than down, I say.

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