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Rise from your grave!
Posted in Dream17 by SupSuper at 31/03/12 12:25pm CEST

*tumbleweed blows by*

Hello? Anyone out there? It seems this place has been left for dead, with no news from our trustworthy staff for over a year and just me maintaining the website in the background... so I've decided to stealthily take-over. Razz

Nothing major, but I'll at least keep the website up to date with the latest Team17 news and Softography updates. I've also fixed the Contact system for anyone that might've tried to contact us before (apparently we lost our e-mails with the domain as well, sorry about that).

If anyone's still out there, feel free to let me know if there's anything that needs fixing, something new you'd like to see added, or just glad to see the website back. Smile

Posted by Worm Mad at 31/03/12 3:45pm CEST

Well, I for one welcome our new SupSuper overlord! Wink

Let the good times roll!

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