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SuperFrog™: Pond Spawn - Press Release
Posted in Archived by Worm Mad at 01/04/06 9:53am CEST


Ossett, West Yorkshire - March 31, 2006 - In a surprise announcement, Team17® Software Limited today announced plans to self-publish SuperFrog™: Pond Spawn, the official sequel to the 1993 platforming classic, SuperFrog™.

Building on the success of the critically acclaimed original, SuperFrog™: Pond Spawn provides even more fast-paced thrills in a new expansive, cel-shaded, 3D-enhanced environment which spreads over the course of twenty four unique levels within six stunningly rendered worlds. Ranging from SuperFrog's simple rural village, to the mean streets of Lungdonium, up into the dizzying heights of heaven and the furthest reaches of hell, SuperFrog™: Pond Spawn takes players on an epic journey beyond their wildest imaginations. Currently in development at Team17®, SuperFrog™: Pond Spawn is the first self-published PC title from the company. It will be released Winter 2006 and has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

SuperFrog™: Pond Spawn allows players to choose from four exciting characters (two good, two evil) in a quest across space and time, in search for the truth behind the mysterious Divine Chi Code. Further excitement is provided by competitive and co-operative play modes, a stylish and easy-to-use level editor, and unlockable trophy gallery. Players take full control of their amphibian heroes and villains in a range of exciting challenges, making use of special power abilities and utilities which are scattered across the map. A highscore board will be linked to the official Team17® website - - allowing players to access and compare scores, from all over the world.

About Team17® Software Limited

Team17® is a high calibre interactive entertainment development studio based in West Yorkshire, UK. Founded in 1990, making it one of the longest established wholly independent game studios in the world, Team17® has consistently developed high quality entertainment titles throughout its 15 year history for all major gaming platforms. Team17® is currently developing new titles on current, next-generation and new handheld systems and their key franchises include Superfrog™, Worms™,
Alien Breed™ and Body Blows™. For more information about Team17®, visit

Don't forget, you can discuss this new game here.

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Fall release for Worms 4 in U.S
Posted in Archived by Worm Mad at 01/09/05 10:01pm CEST

According to the Sci-Fi channel site...

"Majesco Entertainment Co. announced the fall release of Worms 4: Mayhem for the Xbox and PC. Developed by Team 17, the newest strategy game from the popular Worms series will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.99.

Worms 4: Mayhem promises new, innovative worm-versus-worm warfare. Players can create a fully customizable team of up to six worms in numerous environments and modes, including multiplayer battles for up to four players. The game also includes a new weapons factory, allowing players to blow up their opponents in explosive new ways."

Good news for american Team17 fans, then.

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Get ready for the Worms Revolution
Posted in Archived by Worm Mad at 29/05/05 12:07pm CEST

A new fansong, celebrating ten years of Worms has been put in the fan-audio section. It features the musical stylings of Kjatte and the lyrics and vocals of yours truly (although Kjatte sung the chorus). Go check it out!

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Team17 unveil Lemmings for PSP
Posted in Archived by Worm Mad at 19/05/05 5:53pm CEST

Yep, it's official. The first game that Team17 have been showing off to the press at E3 is none other than a PSP adaptation of Amiga classic, Lemmings. The new game will contain both new and old levels as well as having some sort of tool to construct your own levels. Read all about it, here -

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Team17 buy up Dream17!
Posted in Archived by Worm Mad at 01/01/70 12:59am CET

In a move that has shocked fans of Team17 and staff members alike, Team17 have acquired the ownership rights to Dream17, it was reported today. It has been known for some time that Ben "Squirminator2k" Paddon, the genius behind the popular Team17 fansite has been in talks with Team17 for some months but until now the purpose of these talks was unclear.

Martyn "Spadge" Brown delivered the following announcement to Dream17 staff members and specialised press reporters, at 11:10am GMT, today - "It has recently come to our attention that Team17's dedicated fansite, Dream17, has been covering Team17 related content in a far more effective and concise manner than we are able to, with the resources available to us. We have therefore taken the action of buying up the website and all its contents from Ben Paddon and making it a subsidary of Team17. This decision will allow us to concentrate on Worms related news and info on our main site, while sub-site Dream17 will continue to deliver the same high level of journalism as it always has, with regards to reporting on Team17's older non-worms related games." Ben Paddon, the ex-owner of Dream17 who will be continuing in his role of overseeing the site was delighted - "It's like a dream come true" he quipped.

However, this news has not been recieved by everyone with the same enthusiasm. While Dream17 staff will now be paid a small wage for delivering their services to the public, one staff member who asked to remain nameless had this to say - "This is the last straw. I've always had issues with Team17 but this is just ridiculous. I felt Dream17 was one place where I could voice my opinions without worrying about censorship but with Martyn in charge, we'll soon be living in a Big Brotheresque police state!"

More news on this, as it develops.

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Worms Forts Demo
Posted in Archived by Worm Mad at 11/08/04 8:42pm CEST

Fairly recently, a demo of Team17's forthcoming game - Worms Forts: Under Siege, has become available. Intended as an exclusive to the PC-Gamer Mag, this demo is currently circulating the web (without T17's consent). Team17 claim however that there will be a more final demo available on their site, before the game is released. Having played the demo, myself, I can safely say that Team17 look like they have another hit on their hands. I reserve further judgement till the game is released.

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