Privacy Policy

Oh dear, we've become one of those scary websites with a Privacy Policy now. Don't worry, there's nothing to worry about. This is just something we decided we needed to protect both our visitors and ourselves.

Firstly, the obvious stuff. When you browse this website, you have the option of leaving comments, signing up to and posting on the forum, and contacting us directly by email. While your email address or website is listed alongside any comments you leave, we tweak it slightly to ensure that SpamBots and Web Spiders can't actually do anything with it. However if you enter your website into that field and those nasty Spiders find their way to your site, we can't be held responsible if they happen to find your email address there. Keep in mind that if you type your email address into a post on the forum, however, it won't be tweaked at all, so any unsolicited stuff you receive from third parties as a result of that isn't our fault. 'Kay?

Similarly when you leave comments, sign up and post on the forum, or email us, you fill in information in fields which obviously becomes accessible to us. We have absolutely no intention to make this information publicly available, nor do we intend to pass it on or sell it to third party companies or persons. We get lots of spam ourselves and, quite frankly, we're not interested in putting our visitors through the same thing.

We also don't send out unsolicited emails ourselves. The only emails you should get connected to Dream17 in any way will be concerning threads on the forum you've subscribed to, or a response to an email you've sent us. If you leave a comment on the website concerning something about Team 17 we didn't know (an unreleased game we don't have listed, for example) we may contact you then asking for more information, but we certainly won't do anything nasty with it.

At the same time, we may store information concerning your visit on our internal Statistics logs - what part of the planet you're on, what browser you're using, your IP address, which pages on our website you've visited, that sort of thing. Again, we don't share any of thing information, nor do we ever intend to. The only information we do share is how many people visit our website a month and how many people click on the ads, but those are just numbers and we don't share who has been clicking what.

And finally, when you browse our website we leave what are called "cookies" to remember things you may have entered into our site in the past that you may want to use again. For example the Forum uses cookies to remember your log-in details and options, and the Comments fields use cookies to remember your name and email address/website so you don't have to type them in every time you want to leave a comment. The cookie also stores which skin you've opted to use. It's a harmless little file and it won't make your computer explode, but if you're not happy about us storing cookies on your computer you can disable cookies through your browsers' Settings. You can press F1 to bring up your browsers' Help info to find out how to do that. Be advised that pretty much every website on the Internet uses cookies though, so some websites you visit may not function with them disabled. This includes ours - disabling cookie support means you're stuck with the default skin, and may result in limited or no access to the forum.

So in summary: We might have some of your details, but we don't do anything horrible with them. And you might have a small file on your computer, but it doesn't do anything nasty and you can opt not to have that file if you like.