Level 4-3

This level is the opposite of 4-2. It has several storeys, but you work from top to bottom rather than the other way around. This means that holes in the floor are good things, and you need to watch out for springs that might bounce you to a higher level.

1) A little way into the level, you'll find a medium-sized room with a hole in the middle of the floor. The rest of the floor has moving spikes covering it. Check the top-left wall to find a nifty little passage.

2) Just below the room that I've just described, you can find this little hole that lets you skip two entire storeys.

3) What, you didn't take passage 2? If you'd like another chance to skip a part of the level, you can use this little hole instead.

4) Don't forget to jump over the exit to discover more goodies.

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