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Alien Breed - Tower Assault
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AGA Amiga, Amiga CD³², PC CD, PC Floppy, PC GoG
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Hidden LevelCD³² Intro and Outro SequencesPlaying Tower Assault CD³²

Hidden Level
There is apparently an abandoned level included in the original source for Alien Breed - Tower Assault. It's supposedly accessable by entering HGKCSLEASDCAAACA. The code was tested on WinUAE on three different versions of the game, but with no luck.

The WHDInstalled IPF version of the game accepted the code, but upon clicking "Start Game" the screen flickers multiple colours and does nothing (this may be because the WHDInstall app may not have recorded the data for this abandoned level, as it was not essential to the core of the game).

The IPF Disk Images refused to load at all, presenting me with a Guru Meditation. I'll try it on a different configuration.

The ADF Disk Images accepted the code, but after clicking "Start Game" the emulator loaded a small amount of data from each disk before leaving me with an unresponsive black screen.

I have yet to test the CD³² version of the game, or to test the game on an actual Amiga.

CD³² Intro and Outro Sequences
One of the little goodies that the CD³² version of Alien Breed - Tower Assault includes are FMV intro and outro sequences.

If you don't have the CD³² version and always wondered what the sequences were like, ExoticA just happens to have them freely available for download here, in MPEG format so most media players can view them.

Playing Tower Assault CD³²
If you're having difficulty using WinUAE's native CD³² emulation, here's how to get the CD³² version of Tower Assault working.

First, download this CD32 configuration file. This isn't anything particularly special - it's a slight tweaking of the Workbench3.1+ configuration that came with Amiga Forever v5, with the floppy drives and Hard Drives disabled. The configuration file is useless, however, if you don't have the CD32 variation of the Kickstart 3.1 ROM. Dream17 will not provide this Kickstart ROM, so you'll have to look for it elsewhere.

Now run WinUAE and load the configurarion file. Make any changes to Display or input settings that may be required. Don't adjust the Priorities - emulating a CD32 requires a bit more processing power than normal, to leave those as they are.

Now go to the Quickstart tab. Click the "Start in Quickstart mode" checkbox. Set the Mode to CD32, and adjust the "Compatibility vs Required CPU Power" bar depending on your PC's specs. My computer had a 1.8Ghz Pentium IV processor, 512MB of RAM, and a GeForce FX 5200 graphics card, and I have to set this bar to "Low" in order to play games at a sensible framerate.

Once this is all done, insert the Alien Breed - Tower Assault CD into your primary CD or DVD ROM drive, give the computer a couple of seconds to realise the disc is there (Windows, in a failed effort to be useful, might ask you what to do with the disc, to which the obvious answer is "Nothing") and then click WinUAE's Start button.

The emulator should kick straight into the Amiga CD32 load screen before presenting you with the Game Select screen, offering either Tower Assault or The Horror Continues. The intro for TA might stutter or lag a bit depending on whether or not your computer is worse than mine.

Hopefully this should help, but if you have any other problems, drop us an email or post on the forum.