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Amiga, Amiga CD³², GameBoy, Jaguar, Macintosh, Megadrive/Genesis, PC CD, PC Floppy, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo
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Console Versions
With Worms being Team17's first release for console systems as well as the Amiga and PC, we felt it worth giving a mention to the console versions of the game. Here you'll find information about each of the different releases.

PlayStation Version

The primary and possibly most successful version of the game, the PSone version was an almost 100% accurate port of the PC version. Because of the screen resolution the system used, more of the play area could be seen at once than on the PC version. I like to think of this as the Illegitamte lovechild of the PC and Amiga releases of the game.

Super Nintendo and MegaDrive/Genesis

No words can describe how bad a port of Worms these version really are. Ported to the consoles by East Point Software, who also ported many Team17 Amiga games to the PC such as Arcade Pool and Alien Breed - Tower Assault, it lacked the Ninja Rope and Bungee, and generally felt rushed and uncomfortable to play. And yes, it is graphically worse than the Amiga version.

GameBoy Classic/Pocket

A friend of mine called this game "racist" at one point. He is now on medication. While it would be assumed that Worms would port well to a handheld format, this version fails to deliver. Hard to believe but this is actually worse than the GBC version of Worms Armageddon.

Amiga CD³²

Essentially the Amiga version down to a tee, this enhanced edition included the FMV sequences from the PC/PSone versions of the game, as well as full CD audio and the ability to play your own audio CDs during play. Furthermore you could have them "wormed up", where the speed was increased to make the vocals sound squeaky and wormy. Why they couldn't put this feature into the PC version is beyond me - it put me in hysterics!

Sega Saturn

No information available.

In theory, cheats can improve the game. In theory. Some games are so difficult that they pretty much need cheats to complete them. Worms, on the other hand, isn't really a "Complete it" game (not in the initial release, anyway) and the cheats are more about giving you more customisation over how the game plays. Or giving your team the upper hand...

Amiga/CD³² Version

On the Main Menu, type in TOTAL WORMAGE (including the space). If you're using a CD³² then tap Green, Up, Pause, Pause, Yellow. This spells GUPPY, a tribute to the late Bananafish. It's also how CD³² and joypad users can enter the cheat. Anyway, the screen colours should change and you can now edit the Ammo for the Minigun, Banana Bomb and Sheep in the Weapon Options.

PlayStation/PSone Version

At the beginning of the game go to Options and select Weapon Options. Press Square and X simultaneously 10 times and you should receive certain weapons that you can only get during a weapons drop (unlimited Minigun, Banana Bomb, and sheep).

Boxing match:
Start a fire punch, quickly hold Square and press R1, L1, Circle. Then, a boxing match featuring one worm from each team will begin. Now defeat your opponent using just punches and dragonballs. The normal game will resume after one worm is defeated.

One hit point worms:
Set the move timer and round time to unlimited. At the Weapon Options screen, press X+Square eight times. Now while playing a game, pause and select Extra Time. All worms will be reduced to one hit point.

Infinite banana bombs:
At the Weapon Options screen, press Down, Right, X, Square, Square, X, Square, Square, X, Square, Square.

PC Version

Extra turn:
Type AABAAB while firing a banana bomb.

Extra weapons:
Type BAABAA at the Weapons Option screen. Exploding sheep, the banana bomb, and full motion with the ninja rope will be available during game play. Type AABAAB at the Weapons Option screen to disable cheat mode. (In Worms Reinforcements or Worms United you need to type BOBJOB to activate the cheat and JOBBOB to disable it.)

Infinite bazooka missiles:
Choose a target with the uzi, then hold the Shift, F1, Space keys.

Rapid fire missiles:
Type AABAAB while shooting a mini-gun.

Hidden Downloads
Even though Team17 has taken down the Worms website long ago, its downloads are still available, hidden deep inside their FTP server. Here you can find many downloads such as custom maps and soundbanks (PC and Amiga), patches, FMVs and more.

Total Wormage Screenshots
These screenshots date back to 1993/1994, back when Andy Davidson first showed the game to Team 17 - back when the game was still named Total Wormage. While they look vaguely similar to the finished Amiga version there are noticeable differences that are a real treat for the die-hard Worms fan.

These screenshots are copyright Andy Davidson/Team 17 Software. Click on an image to enlarge.
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"The Directors Cut"?
As evidenced from the title screenshot we have of the game, Andy Davidson saw fit to add the subtitle "The Directors Cut" to the Amiga version of this original version. The reason for this is that Andy was largely in control of the Amiga and CD³² versions of the game, and added a few tweaks here and there prior to the release of the game. Thus, the Amiga version became the "Directors Cut" of the original Worms. A later version of the game, actually given the title Worms - The Directors Cut, was released, featuring all kinds of extra features and is effectively Worms 1.5.