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mp3 Dejavu Fanta
MP3, 2.19 MB
Concocted by our resident annelid fanatic, Worm Mad, using samples recorded by S2K and Mad based on the 2005 Dream17 Get-Together (namely a joke between S2K and Mad about Fanta and deja vu, funnily enough). Mixed with a piece of Donkey Kong Country fan-music by Mad.
mp3 Worms Revolution
MP3, 2.46 MB
A musical collaboration between Team17 Forum Regular Kjatte and our very own Worm Mad. A very cool rock anthem celebrating ten years of Worms.
mp3 Ultimate Body Blows
MP3, 5.56 MB
M3ntal's winning entry for the Dream17 1st Anniversary Fan-Content Contest is a very classy remix of the opening theme for Ultimate Body Blows on the CD³².