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17's Company
Written by Worm Mad

Once upon a time, Team17 had an official forum. And on that forum, they had a secret sub-forum, only accessible to users who had have written 300 posts or more (it later changed to invite only). For years, the machinations of the users of this secret "Open Discussion" forum remained a mystery. But now, finally, we can pull back the curtain.

An unofficial history of the forum's earliest days, penned by Worm Mad (a former member of this shadowy cabal), 17’s Company is an absurdist sitcom which reimagines the forum as a pub. It's like Cheers on acid!

17's Company - Series 1Series 1 DVD Extras17's Company - Series 2: Still 17Series 2 DVD ExtrasSpecial Episodes17's Company - Series 3: Open for Business1772 - The Sitcom Movie

17's Company - Series 1
pdf #1: And so it begins...
PDF, 54.1 kB
pdf #2: Rode Trip
PDF, 55.5 kB
pdf #3: Saints and Sinners
PDF, 59.2 kB
pdf #4: The Daft is Rising
PDF, 56.9 kB
pdf #5: Betong the Vampire Slayer
PDF, 91.4 kB
pdf #6: Aftermath
PDF, 79.5 kB

Series 1 DVD Extras
mp3 17's Company: Radio Edition
MP3, 3.02 MB
A full-cast audio adventure based on Ep1!
mp3 That Fisherman Scene: Audio Edition
MP3, 398 kB
Inexplicable audio version of inexplicable scene from Ep4
mid 'Friends like these'
MID, 1.43 kB
An alternative lyric-free theme tune created by Andrew Taylor

17's Company - Series 2: Still 17
pdf #1: New Directions
PDF, 74.5 kB
pdf #2: Space Invaders
PDF, 77.7 kB
pdf #3: All bar the jokes...
PDF, 90.9 kB
pdf #4: Crime & Punishment
PDF, 67.4 kB
pdf #5: When all is said and done - Part One
PDF, 73.6 kB
pdf #6: When all is said and done - Part Two
PDF, 42.6 kB

Series 2 DVD Extras
pdf After they were Famous
PDF, 58 kB
Bonus script

Special Episodes
pdf Slayer Vs Slayer
PDF, 50.3 kB
72 Ways to Die Pilot
pdf Last Flight of the Armadillo
PDF, 35.8 kB

1772 - The Sitcom Movie
pdf Original Edition
PDF, 124 kB
This movie combines 17's Company and 72 Ways to Die
pdf Commentary Edition
PDF, 159 kB